Succeeded in reconnecting 'a penis that has been disconnected for about a day'

A team of surgeons in Birmingham, England has succeeded in reconnecting a penis 23 hours after it was severed. The post-operative course was uneventful, and after 6 weeks, the sensation of the penis was restored, allowing not only urination again but also 'complete erection'.

Successful penile replantation after complete amputation and 23 hours ischaemia time: the first in reported literature | BMJ Case Reports

Surgeons Successfully Reattach Man's Penis Nearly a Day After It Was Cut Off

Groundbreaking Surgery Sees Man's Penis Successfully Reattached Almost A Day After Complete Amputation | IFLScience

Man's penis reattached nearly a full day after he cut it off

Reconnecting the penis is a very rare operation, and there are about 100 cases in the medical literature. Reconnecting surgery is performed as quickly as possible, as human cells begin to collapse when the blood supply is cut off, and in most recorded cases, surgery is performed within hours after amputation. I am told. However, in this case, surgery was performed after an unprecedented time of '23 hours' had passed. The most time-consuming example of successful reconnection surgery for the penis was the 18-year-old 4-year-old living in Saudi Arabia.

The 34-year-old man who had surgery had a history of paranoid schizophrenia. This man attempts to commit suicide and disconnects his genitals. Discovered 15 hours later, he was immediately taken to the operating room of a hospital owned by the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust in Birmingham , England. However, due to urgent trauma to his neck and abdomen, the penis reattachment surgery was performed an additional 8 hours after the man was brought in and 23 hours after the amputation.

According to a team of surgeons in charge of reconnecting the penis, a major blood vessel along the upper surface of the penis was functioning properly, and a part of the vein was transplanted from the arm to reconnect. This vascular suture was successful and confirmed to return blood flow to the penile tissue, but some of the critical nerves that had been severed had retreated into the body and could not be reconnected.

The post-operative course of the man was good, and after 6 weeks not only the sensation of the penis was restored and he was able to urinate, but he also had a complete erection.

With conventional penile reconnection surgery, it was not possible to stitch together blood vessels and nerves that are thinner than the hair. However, in recent years, the development of ' microsurgery ' that uses a surgical microscope has enabled the anastomosis (fungo) of minute blood vessels and nerves. In November 2019, a case was reported in which a man who had lost most of his lower body due to a war injury received a 'penis transplant operation' and was able to re-erect.

Confirmed whether the world's first ``complete penile transplant surgery'' was successful, also confirmed the erection and orgasm of the transplanted penis-GIGAZINE

'It is not uncommon for men with amputated genitals to suffer from schizophrenia and mental disorders,' said a team of surgeons in Birmingham, who underwent this surgery. Pointed out that there is a possibility of disconnecting. It is argued that long-term follow-up care should be provided to patients who have had their genitals self-injured.

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