Quantum teleportation demonstrated to be feasible with quantum bits by electron spin


teleportation, which is one of the means of transmitting information in quantum computers , has been demonstrated by a qubit composed of electron spins, according to a study by research teams at the University of Rochester and Purdue University.

Conditional teleportation of quantum-dot spin states | Nature Communications

Is teleportation possible? Yes, in the quantum world

Quantum teleportation is called 'teleportation', but it is not a technique of instantly moving particles to distant places, but a method of transferring the state of particles to distant places using quantum entanglement . You can see how particles are transferred by quantum entanglement in the following articles.

It becomes like this when science of ``instantaneous movement (teleportation)''-GIGAZINE

While traditional computers treat information as bits, quantum computers process information with qubits. Bits can hold either '0' or '1' binary data, while qubits can hold both '0' and '1' data at the same time. The ability of individual qubits to process multiple data at the same time is the basis of quantum computer technology.

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Quantum teleportation has been demonstrated mainly by photons , but the research team by Andrew Jordan, a professor of physics at the University of Rochester, and John Nicole, an associate professor of physics, is working on quantum teleportation between electrons. Report that it is possible. Qubits by electron spins are also promising as a means of transmitting information in semiconductors.

“Electrons are promising qubits that interact easily, and qubits of individual electrons in semiconductors are also scalable. Reliable creation of long-range interactions between electrons is an essential technology for quantum computing. ', says Nicole.

In the quantum bit by electron spin, each electron that controls the quantum bit has a direction based on the rotation direction. If the electron spin is upward, it is '1', and if it is downward, it is '0'. Regardless of the direction of the electron spin, if any particles have the same electron spin state, they cannot coexist at the same place at the same time. Two electrons in the same quantum state cannot overlap each other, and if they are in the same place, one will change direction.

Nicole and his team used a technique based on the principle of exchange interaction to disperse the entanglement of electron pairs and maintain the electron spin state in order to realize quantum teleportation of electron spin qubits. We succeeded in realizing quantum teleportation.

'We demonstrate a method to generate entanglement between two electrons even when particles do not interact, and a potentially useful method for quantum computing using teleportation, 'quantum gate teleportation'. 'Our work shows that quantum teleportation is possible without photons,' says Nicole.

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