Facebook acquired GIF animation search platform 'GIPHY' for more than 43 billion yen

Facebook acquired GIF animation search platform 'GIPHY'. Axios , an overseas media company, reports that the acquisition price will be about 400 million dollars (about 43 billion yen).

Facebook Welcomes GIPHY as Part of Instagram Team-About Facebook

Facebook to buy Giphy for $ 400 million-Axios

Facebook's acquisition of GIPHY is about $ 400 million, according to Axios sources. Facebook and GIPHY talks seemed to have started prior to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, and sources said the discussion was initially about partnerships rather than acquisitions.

GIPHY, acquired by Facebook, is a GIF animation search platform that allows you to search for GIF animations, share them on SNS such as Twitter and Facebook, and embed them on websites. You can understand what kind of service GIPHY started in 2013 by reading the following article.

`` GIPHY '' that allows you to search while previewing GIF animation in a list-GIGAZINE

The smartphone app version of GIPHY has also been reviewed. You can check how to use the application version in the following article.

I tried using `` GIPHY '', an application that allows you to easily search for cat GIFs and omoshiro GIFs with a smartphone-GIGAZINE

The Facebook official says, 'We welcome GIPHY as part of the Instagram team,' and 'GIPHY will be integrated into Instagram and other Facebook apps.'

According to Facebook, 50% of GIPHY traffic comes from the Facebook family of apps, half of which comes from Instagram. Therefore, Facebook says 'GIPHY should already be a loved one for users.' Facebook also explains that by integrating Instagram and GIPHY, 'it's easier than ever to find GIF animations.'

It should be noted that GIPHY's API has been used for many years in applications such as Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp. As a result, GIPHY will continue to invest in existing libraries while continuing to invest in relationships with API partners. In addition, users can continue to upload GIF animations to GIPHY, allowing developers and API partners to have similar access to GIPHY's API. Also, the existing creative community can continue to create great content.

As such, GIPHY is expected to maintain its own brand, although integrated with Instagram.

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