35% reduction in new projects at Kickstarter, planning layoffs for survival

The news site The Verge reports that

Kickstarter, which is known as a crowdfunding platform, is planning a layoff because the number of new projects has decreased by 35% year-on-year, and there is no sign of rebounding.

Kickstarter plans layoffs after new projects on the site drop off by 35 percent-The Verge

According to The Verge, the layoff plan was announced in an internal memo by CEO Aziz Hasan.

Hasan said in a memo that Kickstarter's new projects are down 35% from the same period last year, and there is no sign of recovery, so significant cost reductions are needed. The tax profit of last year has already been reinvested in the business, and it is said that we are doing things such as reducing the compensation of executives including myself, establishing employment limits, reducing budgets other than personnel, and in the future `` including the possibility of layoffs Need to be considered. '

Kickstarter is the first major IT company of its kind to form a labor union with employees.

Kickstarter United


Kickstarter United Wins NLRB Election, Becoming One of First Tech Unions in US
https://www.opeiu.org/Home/NewsandMedia/TabId/2838/ArtMID/4815/ArticleID/1833/Kickstarter-United-Wins-NLRB-Election-Becoming-One-of-First-Tech-Unions-in- US.aspx

CEO Hasan is in talks with OPEIU because the union Kickstarter United is participating in the International Workers' Union (OPEIU). The OPEIU side commented, 'We started discussions with Kickstarter's management, but it is too early to comment further.'

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