Huawei apologized for advertising that the photo taken with a 300,000 yen camera was 'taken with a Huawei smartphone'

The movie created to promote the Huawei-sponsored photo contest was originally said to have been shot with a Huawei smartphone, but in reality it was shot with a digital SLR camera that costs around 300,000 yen for the main unit alone. It turned out that the photos were mixed. Criticism has sprung up from users, and Huawei has even apologized.

Huawei apologizes for using DSLR shots to promote a smartphone photo contest --The blunder was discovered by the winner of an iPhone photography contest | Abacus

Huawei apologizes for using DSLR shots to promote a smartphone photo contest | South China Morning Post

Huawei is a Chinese social network Weibo that says, 'From April 8th to July 31st, 2020, join the community with the Huawei app to post photos and interact with photo masters. Why don't you become the next image master by feeling the charm of light and shadow? ', And posted a promotion movie of the contest.

In the 30-second video released by Huawei, beautiful pictures of scenery and people were projected one after another, but it was said that the pictures taken with a digital single-lens reflex camera were mixed in. The moment of the problem is below. On the left side of the screen, which is divided into two parts on the left and right, clouds illuminated by a bright sunset are reflected. Initially, the promotional movie said 'taken with a Huawei smartphone.'

However, Jamie-hua, who is a Weibo user who this image the eyes, and 'this morning, when I click I found the movie of Huawei's photo contest, there was a photograph you saw this somehow'

post .. I pointed out that the photo in question was posted on the photo sharing SNS 500px.


Su Tie

In addition, the Exif information in the photo revealed that the photo was taken with a Nikon DSLR camera, the D850, rather than a Huawei smartphone. This camera has a selling price of 298,600 yen on at the time of writing the article.

Also, although it is unknown what camera was used, the photo in the right half of the image in question is also a photo posted by the same photographer at 500px.

by Su Tie

'Other photos are also very familiar,' Jamie-hua added, noting that a number of 'photos not taken with Huawei smartphones' are used in the movie. Jamie-hua is familiar with photography because he is a hardcore photographer. In 2018, Jamie-hua also submitted a photo under the name 'Huapeng Zhao' to the iPhone Photgraphy Awards, an Apple-sponsored photo contest, and won second place.

After this situation came to light, Huawei replaced the promotion movie and deleted the phrase 'taken with Huawei's smartphone'. Weibo said, 'I accidentally stated at the end of the movie that it was taken with a Huawei smartphone due to an editor's oversight. It was corrected by enthusiastic internet user Jamie-hua. a we thank from the bottom of my heart, and deeply apologize, we will 'about this situation post was.

Huawei claims that the movie contains photos that were not taken with a smartphone, but it has caused similar scandals in the past. In 2019, it turned out that the sample photo taken by Huawei's smartphone P30 released on Weibo was actually taken with a digital SLR camera.

In 2018, it was revealed that the self-portrait photograph that Huawei used in the CM of the smartphone is actually 'a photograph taken with a single-lens reflex camera of a man who reached out to look like a self-portrait', and strict pursuit received.

It was discovered that the photo used by Huawei in the latest smartphone commercial was taken with a single-lens reflex camera --GIGAZINE

In addition, it is clear from Exif information that the photo sample of Huawei P9 released on Google's SNS Google+ in 2016 was 'taken with Canon's EOS 5D Mark III '.

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