The idea of using a new coronavirus 'low-pathogenic variant' as a vaccine

Medical institutions around the world are

developing vaccines and therapeutics for the new type of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), but such vaccines and therapeutics 'can take more than a year to reach general distribution.' Is believed to be In response to this situation, viral expert Danielle Tillet suggests a preventative measure that could be ' intentionally infected with a new, less lethal variant of the novel coronavirus .'

A (possible) solution to COVID-19 – Daniel Tillett

How would a search for a natural attenuated SARS-CoV-2 strain work in practice? – Daniel Tillett

Like all viruses, the new coronavirus has a small mutation in its gene each time it infects humans. And each mutant has slightly different lethality and infectivity.

The prophylaxis devised by Mr. Tillette states that 'pre-infected low-pathogenic variants of the new coronavirus'. Mutants with low pathogenicity tend to be less likely to become ill when infected, and by infection they can obtain 'antibodies' against the new coronavirus. Vaccines containing these low pathogenic variants are known as ' live vaccines ', and polio vaccine , measles vaccine, rubella vaccine, varicella vaccine, and BCG vaccine are all live vaccines.

According to Mr. Tillette, a research team at Zhejiang University in China has already found that a mutant called `` ZJ01 type '' does not spread throughout the body even if infected, and is less pathogenic than normal species . Since the existence of a new pathogenic variant of coronavirus such as this ZJ01 type has been confirmed, further research is continued to identify a variant that has almost no effect on the human body and administer it It is Tillette's claim that it should be.

Mr. Tillette has already devised specific ways to identify new pathogenic coronavirus variants and make them vaccines. The procedure is as follows.

1. Collect cotton swabs from mild, asymptomatic COVID-19 infected individuals.
2. Genomic analysis of all samples.
3. Among the species whose genome is deficient (

deletion mutant strain ), a species that is attenuated and hardly mutated is specified.
Four. Develop testing methods to find out who is infected with this variant.
Five. Find out who is infected with this variant.
6. Make sure that people infected with this variant do not actually become seriously ill.
7. After confirmation, this mutant is cultured to prepare a live vaccine.

Asked, 'Will the antibodies mutate so that they are not shared like influenza?' Tillet said, 'Coronaviruses have been found to be genetically stable , and influenza, HIV, C Unlike hepatitis virus, antigenicity does not tend to change much over time, and in the worst case it is only necessary to produce a live vaccine in the same process. ' Mr. Tillette points out that live poliovirus vaccines are not 100% safe, and adds that 'live vaccines of the new coronavirus are not 100% safe,' he said. It's time to move on. '

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