A spam mail that sells `` e-books to survive a pandemic '' taking advantage of the trend of the new coronavirus has appeared

Many people are worried about the uncertain future as the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) spreads, and scammers who take advantage of people's anxiety claim that the

new coronavirus infection is cured completely And sell fake vaccines . Meanwhile, Gabor Szathmari , a cybersecurity expert, warned that spam emails have appeared that are selling 'e-books to survive the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection.'

Coronavirus spam selling the 'Pandemic Survival' ebook | OSINT Fans

One day, Szathmari notices that one email has arrived in the spam folder. The email has attached an image of a police officer hitting the door of a private house, and the sender explains this image as `` taken in Wuhan, China, where city blockade was carried out by the new coronavirus '' Yes.

Sender argues that the epidemic of COVID-19 could lead to severe regulatory crackdowns in cities where mail recipients live. He said the 'last chance' to survive surveillance by pandemic and dystopian world authorities on infectious diseases can be found in the link attached to this email.

The image below is the text of the email actually sent to Mr. Szathmari, claiming that the link written `` Go here '' is `` the last chance for those preparing for a situation like Wuhan '' You. Szathmari, who was interested in the content of the email that frightened people by riding the COVID-19 epidemic, decided to gather public information about the sender and approach the identity of the scammer behind the email .

Stepping on the link in the email will open a website with a movie imitating YouTube. The contents of the movie, which is about 20 minutes, are such as `` The government uses the power to seize guns and take even human lives, send troops to people, obligate vaccination of new coronavirus '' It was so.

The movie's narrator, `` Clayton Matthews '', seems to be a self-proclaimed `` famous pandemic expert '', collecting `` Pandemic Survival (pandemic survival) '' $ 37 (about 4000 yen) It has been suggested that e-books have been recommended. Matthews argued that the book contained 'government secrets' collected in a confidential manner.

However, according to Szathmari, who actually got the contents of the book, the contents are such as `` appropriate hand washing techniques '', `` how to spend warm by pushing yourself '', `` advice to drink warm things when the body cools down '' It seems that they were all trivial.

Purchases of e-books are made via an online retailer called '

BuyGoods ', and when purchasing products, an e-mail with a link to the e-book download page will be sent. The e-book seller claims that 'the download page is only for members', but in fact the download page is published on the web, and if you search the download page URL with Google, , Anyone can download the PDF of the e-book for free.

Although the sales pages for e-books are posted under many domain names, the actual purchase procedure is via online retailer BuyGoods. Matthews describes BuyGoods as `` one of the largest digital information distribution platforms '', but a

report by consumer organization San Diego Consumer Action Network found that BuyGoods is a platform where many scammers gather and fraudulent products It is reported that it is overflowing with.

The products that are actually sold at BuyGoods are all suspicious, such as 'drugs that enlarge the penis', 'diet programs that promise 5kg weight loss per week', and 'dietary supplements that treat tinnitus'.

Collecting and analyzing public information on the Internet, Szathmari points out that BuyGoods seems to be closely related to a company called ' Yomali '. Yomali claims to be a `` technology company that helps good companies sell more software products and services online '' and says that it is a company registered in Malta , but London listed on the website The office is just the location of the rental mailbox.

Yomali's online monetization manager Andrei Covaci was also the CEO of BuyGoods, where Yomali and BuyGoods used the same registered address and the two companies were registered only two days apart. These points suggest that the two companies are closely related, Szathmari claims.

In addition, similarly Covaci and Mr Anna Gita, which is the central figure of Yomali is of the same Romania Baia Mare is a resident, Gita Mr. serve as CEO ' MaxWeb There seems to companies BuyGoods and Yomali and deep relationship'. 'I think MaxWeb is driving traffic to BuyGoods through email campaigns, Google ads and Facebook ads,' said Szathmari, a pandemic survival seller that seems to rely on Yomali services. I concluded.

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