I tried Kentucky's `` The Garlic Chicken (boneless) '' where the smell of garlic is intensely diffused

As a new product from Kentucky Fried Chicken, `` The Garlic Chicken (Boneless) '' with Garlic and Black Pepper appeared on April 8, 2020 (Wednesday), so I bought it immediately and tried it .

The combination of punchy “Garlic Pepper” and the crunchy texture are addictive! `` The Garlic Chicken (without bones) '' New release on April 8 (Wed)


Arrived at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The new product, The Garlic Chicken, costs 270 yen per tax. This time, I purchased “Eat compared to 6 piece pack” (1680 yen including tax) with 3 garlics, 3 original chickens and 2 potatoes.

I brought it back.

I felt the scent of garlic slightly when I was walking outside, but when I opened the box, the scent that had been trapped at a stretch spread quickly.

The left is 'The Garlic Chicken' and the right is the original chicken. In the first place, it is a different thing from the clothes.

'The garlic chicken' is

sprinkled with garlic and black pepper after chicken is battered and fried to a crunchy texture.

The smell of garlic before eating is very intense, but when you eat it, the garlic and pepper combine to make it spicy, but it seems surprisingly refreshing. That said, the taste isn't thin, and when I compare the original chicken later, I argue that the taste will be suppressed. Also, thanks to the sprinkle of garlic, there was a feeling that garlic smell was slightly left in the mouth if it was as it was after eating.

Anyway, it's definitely intense in terms of smell. Although it is well ventilated everywhere with the new coronavirus countermeasures, it seems better to close the bag tightly when taking it home by public transportation.

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