According to multiple studies that 'smoking is related to the severity of the new coronavirus infection', some experts claim that 'If you want to survive, stop 100% smoking'

Tobacco is known to

cause various cancers, including lung cancer, as well as stroke and heart disease. However, many studies have reported that the new type of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in smokers is likely to be more severe, and some health organizations have stated that 'smokers should quit now.'

Smokers who want to survive coronavirus should “100 percent” quit, experts say

Studies have shown that age and chronic illness have a significant bearing on whether COVID-19 becomes more severe.

The lethal rate of the new coronavirus is 2.3% and mild symptoms are more than 80%, but the mortality rate varies greatly with age-gigazine

In addition, a number of studies have reported that smoking is associated with COVID-19 risk of illness. February 28, 2020, Guangzhou breathing Institutes of Health research team, a detailed analysis results for COVID-19 patient 1099 people of China (PDF file) announcement was.

The team is also examining the patient's 'Smoking history', which is the section below. We evaluate the condition of Never smoked (non-smokers), Former smoker (smokers who have smoked), and Current smoker (smokers). The numerical values are All Patients (number of patients), Disease Sevenity: Nonsevere (number of non-severe patients), and Severe (number of severely ill patients) in order from the left, and the numbers in parentheses indicate the percentage of each item as a whole. I am.

When this result is converted, of the 927 non-smokers, 793 (about 86%) were non-severe and 134 (about 14%) were severely ill. Of the 21 patients who have smoked, 12 are non-severe (about 57%) and 9 are severe (about 43%). Of the 137 smokers, 108 are non-severe (about 79%) and 29 are severely ill (about 21%). Both indicate that smoking experience is likely to make COVID-19 more severe.

In addition, China Wuhan City of the research team of Wuhan Central Hospital February 28 days, referred to as a 'smokers is higher 14 times the risk of COVID-19 is seriously ill of'

research results announced. However, this study is a small survey with 72 subjects.

A similar report has been made by the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC). ECDC has Vulnerable groups (for COVID-19) Vulnerable ( Noisy ) 'Some people may be vulnerable, not only elderly people with chronic illness but also smokers.' This suggests that smoking is associated with severe COVID-19.

Regarding the question `` Why is smoking related to severe disease of COVID-19? '' asthma ( Asthma ) According to Sven Eric Jordt, a professor at Duke University, who studies the relationship of It will damage the pilus. ' Meanwhile, ECDC states that 'smoking may activate angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), which the new coronavirus uses to infect human cells.'

Both studies are consistent in that smoking causes COVID-19 to become more severe. 'If you are prepared for the new coronavirus pandemic, you should stop 100%,' said Panagis Galiatsatos, a Johns Hopkins Foundation specialist in lung and emergency medicine. The UK Heart Foundation also wrote in a Q & A about the new coronavirus , 'If you smoke, stop smoking today.'

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