ShadowServer contributing to global malware and botnet countermeasures is continuing crisis

ShadowServer , a service that provides information on systems and botnets suspected of being infected with malware and helps maintain a secure cyberspace, has been cut off from Cisco Systems funding for more than 15 years We are in a crisis of needing at least 400 million yen in two months.

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ShadowServer distributes free, daily information about systems at risk for bot malware to more than 4,600 ISPs and 107 national computer emergency response teams in 136 countries and nations. In the past, it has been known to respond to botnets and attacks such as 'Avalanche' 'Rustoc' 'Gameover' 'Nitol', and recently it is regarded as one of the world's largest spam and malware botnets ' Nercurs '.

For a long time, the continuation of the business has been funded and staffed by Cisco Systems, but this time at ShadowServer, it became difficult for Cisco Systems to stay as the main financial supporter. , The fact that the sponsor's drop notification has arrived.

As a result, seven technical staff will be separated in ShadowServer, and 104 racks and 1340 servers in the data center and about 12 PB of storage will have to be paid off by May 26, 2020 (Tuesday). I have come.

The required costs are $ 4 million for data center migration and approximately $ 17 million for 2020 operation costs. The total is $ 21 million (about 2.2 billion yen).

In such a crisis situation, he was widely asked for help.

For money support, if it is expensive, it is necessary to contact from the contact form, but if it is small, it is OK to raise money using PayPal.

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