A `` 100 yen test kit '' that can test for new coronavirus infection in just 10 minutes has appeared

A research kit in Africa and a pharmaceutical company in the UK are jointly developing a test kit for just 100 yen, which can test a new coronavirus infectious disease that is rampant around the world in just 10 minutes.

Mologic-The science and technology to transform rapid diagnostics


Mologic awarded c. £ 1 million by UK government to develop rapid diagnostic test for COVID-19-Mologic

How to Test for Coronavirus: Prospect of a 10-Minute Diagnosis-Bloomberg

`` We will examine six Chinese construction workers who are suspected to be infected with the new coronavirus, '' said Nanemeka Nando, a Nigerian molecular bioengineer who has been fighting infectious diseases such as monkeypox and Lassa fever for many years. '.

Mr. Nando collected samples from a hospital about an hour away from Abuja, the most populous Nigerian capital in Africa, and tested it from one of only five laboratories in Nigeria that could test for viruses. He said he had to wait for the results to come back, and he had to wait for the test results for '6 hours'.

Approximately three months have passed since

Nando waited 6 hours for new coronavirus infection test results, and a UK-based company called Mologic worked with the Dakar Pasteur Institute in Senegal. We are developing a test kit that can test for new coronavirus infections in just 10 minutes. This test kit is attractive not only because it can be tested in just 10 minutes, but also because it can be created for 1 dollar (about 106 yen). Inexpensive and manufacturable, it can easily be deployed in Africa, which has the world's most vulnerable healthcare system. The UK government is providing £ 1 million (approximately 130 million yen) for a new coronavirus infection test kit jointly developed by Mologic and the Dakar Pasteur Institute.

36 out of 54 African countries have facilities to test for new coronavirus infections, but the surge in cases is likely to put pressure on research facilities. At the time of writing, the spread of the new coronavirus in Africa is relatively modest, but the number of infected people is increasing in countries such as Egypt, Senegal and South Africa, and there are already infected people in more than 20 countries, The number of infected people across the African continent is increasing to around 200.

In response, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abbey Ahmed has partnered with Chinese billionaire Jack Ma to distribute 10,000 to 20,000 test kits and 100,000 masks to African countries. And that we have created a new guidebook for treatment. Separately, the Ethiopia-based Center for Disease Control and Prevention will receive 200,000 new coronavirus infection test kits from TIB MOLBIOL in Berlin and distribute them throughout the continent.

Still, Rosanna Peering, director of diagnostics and research at the London School, said, `` Faster and cheaper tests are needed to quickly determine if an outbreak of a new coronavirus infection is occurring in Africa and contain it before it spreads. `` In Africa, unlike Europe and North America, there is still the idea that 'inspection is luxurious', '' he said, requiring a faster and cheaper inspection method than existing inspection methods. You.

Attention has been paid to Mologic's new coronavirus infection test kit. The company's test kits make full use of the technology used in pregnancy test drugs and malaria test kits that can be used at home, and will use saliva and a small amount of blood (stabbed with a finger) to test for new coronavirus infections. Thing. Mologic claims it will be able to sell it for less than $ 1 by June 2020, and in Senegal, Africa, a company called diaTropix will be in charge of manufacturing. In addition, diaTropix is a company owned by Amadou Alfa Salle, director of the Dakar-Pastur Institute, which led the control of the new coronavirus throughout the African continent.

In addition, the test of the new coronavirus infection used worldwide at the time of writing the article is called the PCR method, and it takes several hours to get the test result at a private facility, and it is $ 400 (about 43,000 yen) This is a very expensive inspection method that costs more.

Mologic and the Dakar Pasteur Institute are planning to develop 8 million test kits annually and plan to sell them directly to agencies such as the African government, the GAVI Alliance and the World Health Organization (WHO).

In a WHO regular press conference held on March 17, 2020, Tedros Adanom, Executive Director, stated, `` The most effective way to prevent new coronavirus infections and save lives is that That requires inspection and isolation, isolation, and the ability to fight the flames blindfolded. You cannot stop this pandemic without knowing who is infected. ' Testing is important to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.

Also at the end of the press conference, 'I'll tell you our key message again. It's to inspect, inspect, inspect. The new coronavirus infection is a serious disease. It has been suggested that these are the highest-risk infections for these individuals, but there are deaths in young people, including children, '' he said. Emphasizes thoughts.

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