Nintendo and LEGO sign partnership, will Lego block Mario be born

It has become clear that Nintendo and LEGO have formed a partnership. Details are unknown at the time of article creation, but it seems almost certain that Mario made of Lego block will appear.

Nintendo & Lego Are Building A Lego Super Mario Partnership-Game Informer

The official Twitter account of Nintendo's European subsidiary, Nintendo of Europe, tweeted, 'Some fun things are being made! Have fun ...'

The official LEGO Twitter account also wrote a familiar line called Mario's 'It's Mario' and tweeted 'It's Lego Mario!

The official account of LEGO Japan is tweeted in the same way.

Both Nintendo and LEGO are tweeting with the hashtag ' #LEGOSuperMario ', which suggests that Nintendo's Super Mario series will become a Lego block.

Many fans have responded to the tweets of the two companies, and users who tweet the image of the Mario Zone of ' Super Mario Land 2 Six Gold Coins ' and tweet 'Is the prophecy finally realized?'

Some users mutter, 'It's a real Mario maker.'

'Lego Mario participates in Smash?'

'I also ask for Lego Pokemon.'

There are various reactions such as 'OK, but what about your face?'

In addition, Nintendo had previously signed a contract with Kenex , a plastic toy maker that is a rival of LEGO, so the new partnership with LEGO `` may bring a big change to the block toy industry '', Overseas game media Game Informer points out.

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