What is “diversification of goals” that is surprisingly effective in breaking the stress cycle?

Studies have shown that moderate stress has a beneficial effect on memory, while chronic stress is said to reduce memory and thinking. Many modern people are constantly exposed to stress, but Ashton Duncan, who studies burnout syndrome in medical education, claims that `` diversification of goals ' ' is an effective way to relieve stress. You.

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Chronic and constant stress that leads to loss of motivation is commonly referred to as ' burnout syndrome, ' but it has been pointed out that this name is very vague. For this reason, it indicates chronic stress can affect how the person, as a more overall index allostatic load you (allostatic load) are used. Allostatic loading is based on the principle that 'if someone continues to apply enough pressure to another person without breaking others, the function of that person's body and its response to future stressors will be maladapted Is twisted by this phenomenon. '

After completing a Master's degree in public health and attending a medical school and studying burnout in medical education, Duncan said that `` maladaptivity '' issues among medical students were frequent among trainees and trained physicians. He sees what is happening in This is a situation which appears also to survey results, is that many of the number of doctors each year in 2015 away from the clinical setting, when the serious situation has occurred is shown .

As one of the problems of leaving doctors out of clinical practice, Duncan points out that 'doctors do not give themselves freedom and concentrate on' one big goal 'one after another.' If you keep up with one big goal, the obstacles to reaching the goal will be much more stressful than if you have multiple jobs and plans. While working as a physician to do his best for the patient, Duncan's experience suggests that `` physicians exposed to chronic stress are more likely to make mistakes and lead to patient death or disability. '' The more doctors trying to provide you, the more likely you are to fall into this situation. '

Mr. Duncan is proposing 'diversification of goals' to solve the above-mentioned problems in medical practice. According to Duncan, a study of

positive psychology and organizational dynamics suggests that `` setting different types of goals '' means `` to reduce stress and reduce the effects of allostatic stress on the mind and body. '' The relevance is shown. Experiments involving interventions in ways that promote goal diversification have been shown to be involved in wellbeing .

In the field of positive psychology, research results have shown that setting goals can change human behavior, and even people with major depression can improve wellbeing . One of the centers of positive psychology, Dr. Rick Snyder of the University of Kansas (PDF file) hope theory is based on these findings, and the goals to be set are personally valuable and diversified. He explains that work productivity is increased and stress is reduced.

The major obstacle to medical care is that there is a large workload in the clinical setting and legal constraints that compel clinicians to follow the scenario. In such an environment, it is difficult to diversify goals according to the theory of hope, but one way is to reduce daily workplace activities, adopt collaborative care models, and improve staff quality. It may be referred to forgive 'to participate in the project which has been proposed . This recommendation is designed to help healthcare professionals achieve more than just routine and repetitive goals, so they can achieve their goals more professionally.

According to Duncan, people can break the cycle of stress by adopting new goals every day. Doing things at the expense of your happiness is not sustainable. Whether in medicine or other disciplines, Duncan said that there was a need to foster a culture that encouraged diversification of goals and to guarantee something other than 'just work.'

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