Crocs with chicken bombed by official collaboration of Kentucky Fried Chicken and Crocs

Kentucky Fried Chicken is a familiar fast food chain store in Japan, but overseas it introduces a

VR game to learn `` how to fry fried chicken '' for training and announces a wireless keyboard that can be used even if hands are dirty with chicken fat It is a company that has come up with a number of measures that have been skipped, such as launching a game that can simulate love with the company's founder and symbol, Kernel Sanders . Kentucky Fried Chicken has collaborated with Crocs anew and announced Crocs with Chicken .

KFC x Crocs ™ | Crocs ™ Official Site

The official movie has also been released, and if you look at this you can see what kind of Crocs it is in one shot.

KFC x Crocs.Not for human consumption.- YouTube

A woman dressed in a costume that looks like a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken appears.

Check the paper coming out of the machine ...

Set a kitchen timer.

And start cooking with fryer. It's really fashionable, but this woman looks like a Kentucky fried chicken clerk.

During cooking, I will wait for my spare time or care for my nails.

In the meantime, the flyer is fried with something.

Kernel Sanders is well maintained.

While doing so, the kitchen timer you set will sound.

And what was taken out of the flyer ...

It looked like Crocs like fried chicken.

It is quite thick and the sole has a red and white stripe pattern inspired by a Kentucky fried chicken box. And the upper part is entirely fried chicken pattern, a level that seems to be heartburn.

There are things with the same thickness of the sole as the usual Crocs. In addition, the accessory attached to the Crocs

Jibittsu pattern as, marked with fried chicken.

The movie ends with a scene like 'How about freshly fried crocs with chicken?'

A special page commemorating the collaboration between Kentucky Fried Chicken and Crocs, says, 'The upper fried chicken and the sole covered with stripes will finally fulfill your long-standing dream of wearing a chicken barrel!' Comments. In addition, about the fried chicken type Jibits, it was noted that 'It has two sets of Jibits that look like fried chicken. It is not for human consumption.'

The Crocs with Chicken, a collaboration between Kentucky Fried Chicken and Crocs, is scheduled to be released around the spring of 2020.

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