I have seen the beautiful girl dolls who dress freely from idol costumes to convenience store croquette at One Festival 2020 [Winter]

While the popular anime character figures and giant monster diorama are on display at the

Wonder Festival 2020 [Winter] held in Makuhari on February 9, 2020 (Sunday), a movable doll with a ball joint is also displayed. Many were exhibited. In the commercial area and the general area, we have been looking at what the doll world is like, where you can wear various costumes and props and coordinate each freely.

Wonder Festival

First, visit the booth of Azone International in the commercial area.

Azone International's original doll,

Iris Collect Violet 's new ' Fortune patissetri '

The bangs of Patsun create a princess feeling. The flowing black hair shines in spring clothes. The head prototype is

ZAN , and the body prototype is Naotake Oniyama . The eye is Obitsu Eye from Obitsu Manufacturing .

Your feet look like this. The accent is the large ribbon that matches the clothes. Violet / Fortune patissetri is 49,000 yen excluding tax and will be available in late March 2020.

The Black Raven series of “Luluna” and “Lilia” † Shoujo Shoujo † ~ Kousoku Saint Girl ~ versions are dressed in collaboration with outfit designer Kanihor . The mask design is something you can think of, and the body is a 50 cm Obitsu body . A one-piece dress with a design in which the belt is entwined, as in 'restriction'. The hem is decorated with †.

Eyes are paint, not doll eyes. Therefore, the cuteness and delicate expression that two-dimensional illustrations have can be exhibited with a doll.

Both of them wore striped socks and black boots.

Luluna has white-based costumes, long straight blonde hair, and turquoise eyes. The mouth is 'Munyu Mouth,' which is similar to the mouth of a cat. The price is 50,000 yen excluding tax and will be available in late March 2020.

Lilia , dressed in black, had long pink straight hair and her hat had a silver chain. It is scheduled to be released in late March 2020, and the price is 50,000 yen excluding tax.

In addition, Azone International has developed a 1 / 12th scale doll series '

Assault Lily ', and from July 2020 it has been decided to air the TV animation ' Assault Lily BOUQET '.

One-twelfth is small in size, and costumes, props, and costumes released by various manufacturers are attractive and popular.

Such Assault Lily Ruri Ichiyanagi and Yume Shirai appeared in 1/3 size.

The head and body skin prototypes were created by

Chizuru , and the mask design by Junko Nanami . The price is undecided and is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2020. The doll on display is under supervision.

Two hands joining together

The base of the doll stand had the title logo of Assault Lily BOUQUET.

In the one-third-scale Another Realistic Characters series, the dolls of Hinata Hoshino and Noa Himezaka from the TV anime '

Angel came down to me! ' Were also on display. Head sculpture and body skin sculpture are produced by Chizuru, and mask design by Junko Nanami.

Perfectly reproduce the costumes that appear in the play.

The feet look like this, and the shoes are the same as the anime design. The price is 50,000 yen excluding tax and will be released in the summer of 2020.

Kaguya Shinomiya and Chika Fujiwara from ' Kaguya-sama wants to tell us-Genius's love brain battle- ' that was decided to be produced in the second phase of TV animation. TV anime body is 1/8 pure neemo body .

The head model is Chizuru, and the mask paint is a

mysterious doll merchant ATK . Both are priced at 14,000 yen excluding tax, Kaguya will be released in June 2020, Fujiwara Secretary will be released in May 2020.

As accessories, Kaguya Shinomiya comes with cat ears and slippers.

Chika Fujiwara comes with slippers and a pipe and hat from Love Detective Chika.

At the CP / Fairy Land booth ...

Hachiroku of

Maitetsu-pure station- and 416 of the Dolls front line were exhibited.

Hachiroku is a quarter-scale soft vinyl frame body, and GO of the Cerberus Project is in charge of the prototype. The price is 63,000 yen excluding tax and will be released in March 2020.

A costume based on black, which is an image of the

8620 series steam locomotive . On the left arm is an armband that says 'Driving'.

Impressive are the red lace and black shoes with a red ribbon.

The hairstyle tied in the shape of '∞' is also reproduced with a wig.

416 is light blue long straight hair with golden eyes that sing somewhere cold. The body is a quarter-scale soft vinyl frame, and the prototype is Mr. GO from the Cerberus Project.

The gun being held is very elaborate.

A gun holder was wrapped around the thigh and a pistol was inserted. The 416 is scheduled for release in early 2021, and the price is undecided.

Hatsune Miku from the Collection Doll series was on display at the

Tokyo figure booth. The head and body are large, and the neck, arms, hips, and legs are movable.

The big eyes and plump lips are impressive. The headset and hair clip are reproduced.

01 is painted on the left upper arm, and the design based on the

Yamaha DX7 sleeve is also reproduced exactly.

At Volks' booth, which develops the original brand

Dollfie , the new 60 cm doll series 'Dollfie Dream', Amamiya Sakura from the New Sakura War , was displayed at the fastest speed in Wonder Festival 2020 [Winter].

Hitomi is a Dollfie Anime Stick Eye that reproduces the character of an anime character. It has a slightly rounder face than the game and has a kindly smile.

A refreshing light blue Taisho hakama, Motoi Taisho hakama.

Braided boots with brown feet

Also included is the famous sword 'Amamiya Kunisada' that is a keepsake of her mother. The price is 68,000 yen excluding tax and will be pre-sold at '

Dolls Party 26 ' to be held on April 26, 2020.

In the general area, costumes, props, parts, etc. for decorating your 'daughter' were sold.

Tasopon 's booth (6-06-15) sells ' Puripara ' series costumes for Volks, DD / MDD . Four daughters dressed in glittering costumes and posing in pastel spaces. All the costumes were sold out when I visited the booth.

While wearing the Twinkle Ribbon Coord, she decides to pose as 'Kashikoma!' The Twinkle Ribbon Corde was sold for 25,000 yen for the DD (M Bust) body, and the Paparaju Club Curly Color One-Pie Code was sold for 26,000 yen for the MDD (S Bust) body.

In '

Kira to Puri ☆ Chan ', the sweet honey Kira and Kode that Mirai Momoyama wore were DD (M chest) body compatible for 30,000 yen. The pastel ribbon and fluffy volume of the skirt are characteristic, and the heart on the head and chest and the ribbon access give a cute look.

The fantasy time outfit that Yui Yumekawa decided in the play is 26,000 yen for DD (M chest) body. It is said that the transparent skirt gradation is reproduced with dyeing. A star bracelet is also included.

At Vol.12 (6-06-08) 's booth, one-third size weapons were sold. Since it is one-third the size, it is the perfect scale for 50-60cm dolls.

When a maid holds a

HORNISSE designed with the concept of a 'handgun for the maid,' it looks like this.

A maid smiling at the Holonisse.

The girl on display at Mito Kondoriya's (6-05-4) booth has in her right hand ...

It was a convenience store croquette. An unbroken croquette and a bite of croquette are included in the set, and a wrapping bag is included. It costs 500 yen each and it was already sold out when I visited the booth.

By having one-third convenience store croquette, it is possible to let your daughter buy and eat.

In addition, Chinese buns, which can be said to be a staple of convenience store hot snacks, were also sold in a third size. 500 yen for a set of meat bun, bean paste and curry bun.

If you hold it in your hand, you can create a state of resting while cheering hot Chinese bun outside.

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