A fierce man who has fused the PS4 controller and the running machine so that he can actually walk and run and play Death Stranding appears

The latest work by director Hideo Kojima , known as the creator of the Metal Gear series , ' Death Stranding ' is a legendary porter Sam ( star : Norman Reedus ) set in the United States in the near future. This is a work that operates around the world and reconnects cities and people that have been separated by walking around the world. A fierce man who has merged the PS4 controller and the running machine so that he can actually walk and run this death stranding is appearing.

This engineer turned a running machine into a PS4 controller to create a 'walking simulator walking simulator'? Eurogamer.net
https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-02-02-this-engineer-turned-a-running-machine-into-a-ps4-controller-to-create-a-walking-simulator-walking- simulator

It was Allen Pan of YouTuber who tried to combine the controller of PS4 and the running machine. You can see how you play Death Stranding while actually walking and running in the following movie.

Turning a Treadmill Into a PS4 Controller So I Exercise-YouTube

Pan looked at the running machine as a result of scrutinizing the exercise habits that started with the beginning of the New Year and looking for some novel ideas to continue beyond January.

First, connect the plug of the running machine to the outlet ...

No power supply. Apparently it cannot be used as a normal running machine.

However, the step on the belt conveyor seems to be used normally.

In addition, there is a sensor on the shaft of the belt conveyor ...

Detects the magnet attached to the shaft and measures the rotation speed.

Pan plans to use the running machine to keep the exercise fun and keeps an eye on Death Stranding.

It seems that Pan's play time for Death Stranding has already reached about 60 hours, and from here Pan's hot commentary is broken. After that, he said, 'What's important is that the game roams around.' He hopes that combining the running machine with the death stranding will produce great results.

In order to combine the PS4 controller with the running machine, Pan uses the

Arduino microcomputer board. The running speed of the running machine measured by the sensor is acquired, and the running speed of the running machine user is calculated using Arduino. Furthermore, with the help of digital potentiometers and programming, we combine the running machine and the controller. In addition, Peter Sripol of YouTuber who posted a movie equipped with 'flying function' by magically modifying the cleaning robot is in charge of programming .

Connect various wiring ...

By using a

potentiometer , the movement of the running machine is converted to a voltage. The number `` 15.25 '' displayed on the small monitor on the right side of the screen indicates the voltage generated when walking or running on the running machine, and the red arrow part has a light that informs that power generation has been successful It is lit.

In addition, Pan uses two

relays .

As a result, the running speed on the running machine increases, that is, the voltage increases.

It is also possible to turn on the switch when the speed exceeds a certain level. The red light in the part where 'RUNNING' is written turns on when it exceeds 30V.

And then hit the stakes on the running machine and put on the belt ...

Connect to the backpack. This makes it possible to add movement on a running machine to the game, as if Sam were carrying a lot of luggage.

After that, disassemble the controller for PS4 ...

Connect the up / down potentiometer at the bottom of the left analog stick to the Arduino connected to the running machine. As a result, Death Stranding, which could not be dashed without pressing the L3 button, can now dash by running on a running machine.

There is a hole for wiring on the back ...

A line extends from the controller.

So, since the fusion of the running machine and the controller is completed, I will play Death Stranding immediately.

When you start walking on the running machine, the same in-game Sam starts to walk. With the running machine controller working as planned, Pan exclaimed and shouted, 'I'm really lucky!'

However, he did not care about the camera operation because he was trying hard to walk, because the Sam in the game stood off ...

Great fall.

It just rolls down a steep slope.

'That's what! Stop,' said Pan, who laughs at Sam as she falls.

Pan starts again and starts the game again. It seems that laughter doesn't stop because the tension has gone wrong because it worked as expected.

He also ran on a running machine and succeeded in making Sam dash.

After playing all the time, the test play was over while breathing out.

Pan comes in front of the camera and appeals to the camera about how much he sweats.

It seems that laughter will not stop because it will be a more solid exercise than expected.

So, I have my friend Jabril play Death Stranding on a running machine.

Both Sam and Jabril in the game run frantically, with no apparent viewpoint control.

When asked, Jabril asked the photographer for help, saying, 'Help! I have no fun!'

So the play of 4 minutes and 8 seconds is over.

The next challenger is Sripol.

Sripol also seems to have difficulty accurately controlling the viewpoint of the game while actually walking, and Sam falls down without hesitation.

It's like a big deal to those watching the game.

In addition, in a scene crossing a narrow ladder ...

It will dive down dynamically.

Running machine type controller does not seem to be suitable for detailed operation.

So Sripol's play time is 4 minutes and 28 seconds.

The last to play is a photographer.

Moreover, you play in the area where BT appears.

The cheer went up as he ran through the BT brilliantly.

What plays is William Osman who has been active as a photographer so far.

Despite continuing the real play ...

I was caught by BT and dragged into a different world.

Play time is only 57 seconds.

Osman tweeted, 'This is a torture device, so everyone was killed.'

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