Mozilla's mailer `` Thunderbird '' project becomes a wholly owned subsidiary, separated from Mozilla Corporation


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Thunderbird is an open source mailer developed mainly by the Mozilla Foundation, and released for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The development and operation of Thunderbird, which has been turning around in the history of about 17 years, has been announced on the official blog that 'Migrated to a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation'.

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According to the official Thunderbird blog, the Thunderbird project will be run by MZLA Technologies Corporation , a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation, on January 28, 2020. Philip Kewisch, a member of the Thunderbird project, states that despite the fact that Thunderbird was going for a while, donations from users have allowed the project to continue running and make it possible to convert it to a subsidiary.


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Thunderbird is a long-established mailer with a long history of 17 years, but its development and operation is considerable Twists and turns ( Uyoketsu Setsu ) Has gone through.

Thunderbird, developed by the Mozilla Foundation, was originally released in 2003 under the name 'Minotaur' along with 'Phoenix', the predecessor of Firefox. Later, Phoenix was renamed 'Firebird' and Minotaur was renamed 'Thunderbird'. In addition, Firebird was forced to make further changes due to the trademark, and it has been changed to 'Firefox'.

In July 2007, Mitchell Baker, co-founder of the Mozilla Foundation and CEO of the wholly owned subsidiary Mozilla Corporation, said, `` We came to the conclusion that we should find a new independent organization for Thunderbird. , 'He wrote on his blog on the idea of separating Thunderbird's development department from Mozilla Corporation. And in February 2008, it was announced that Mozilla Messaging, a subsidiary to develop Thunderbird, would be established.

However, the Mozilla Foundation announced in April 2011 that it would reabsorb Mozilla Messaging, which had been separated as a subsidiary, and integrate it into its internal organization, Mozilla Labs, which conducts experimental projects. Regarding why the Mozilla Foundation re-absorbed the separated subsidiary, technology media Ars Technica believes that `` Mozilla Messaging could not secure enough revenue sources to continue operating separately from the Mozilla Foundation '', 'Thunderbird has a lot of great ideas in place, but Mozilla Messaging doesn't seem to have the resources to keep it going.'

The development of Thunderbird by the Mozilla Foundation ended in 2012. The Mozilla Foundation has just announced a policy on the CEO's blog that the Thunderbird will only fix bugs with priority on stability, and the community will develop and introduce new features. Baker said Thunderbird was less of a priority, because unlike Firefox, which updates frequently to keep up with the rapidly changing web standards, new features and major updates are less likely to be needed.

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But then, Mozilla Labs, former member of Mozilla Labs, said on his blog that Mozilla Labs was quietly disbanded in 2014. Many Mozilla Labs members have moved to the Mozilla Foundation, and some have left the company or been pulled out by Google. Mr. Bicking has not disclosed what happened to Thunderbird's operation, but it is reported that Baker CEO left in the internal memo in 2015 the idea that `` I want to separate Thunderbird's operation from Mozilla Corporation '' , A pattern entrusted to Mozilla Corporation.

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In May 2017, the operation of Thunderbird was announced on the official blog, 'The policy to be separated from Mozilla Corpolation in the future has been officially decided.' Although the Mozilla Foundation has legal and financial responsibilities in the operation of Thunderbird, it has been separated from the Mozilla Corporation, which develops Firefox and others, and has revealed that it will be operated by another organization. Finally, a wholly owned subsidiary of MZLA Technologies Corporation started operation in January 2020.

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'The focus of Thunderbird remains the same. We continue to work on developing great open source technologies that focus on open standards, user privacy and productive communication,' said Kewish. He emphasized that the project does not change when the system changes.

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