`` Guns Akimbo '' trailer where Daniel Radcliffe wrestles with the hands of a gun at the price of vandalism

Daniel Radcliffe , who starred in the `` Harry Potter '' series, has a trailer of a sci-fi action comedy `` Guns Akimbo '' playing a pathetic man who was thrown into a 24-hour death game with both hands gunned it was done.

Guns Akimbo-Official Trailer-YouTube

'I wanted to be a hero when I was a kid, but I couldn't do anything after all,' says Miles, a reluctant game developer (actor: Daniel Radcliffe)

Speaking of hobbies other than work, I live a very simple life of smashing the Internet.

At that time, a distribution site called 'SKIZM' became a social issue in the world.

SKIZM is an illegal site that literally delivers a lively battle with a deadly battle, and its popularity has soared, especially on the Internet.

Miles will post a devastating comment on such SKIZM.

The next day, Miles woke up with the sound of knocking on the door of the house

Looking into the door's scope ...

The management of SKIZM, who was angry with Miles, was coming home.

When Miles woke up with a one-shot KO with a one-pan operated, his gun was fixed with bolts in both hands when he woke up. It was made a participant in the death fight delivered by SKIZM.

Miles talks about himself on the street.

'Yes, it just sounds strange,' said a homeless man.

I can't operate my smartphone because my hand has become a gun.

Miles is tasked with running SKIZM, saying, 'Kill Nix within 24 hours,' 'If you fail, you will die, and if you escape from this city, you will die.'

'Who is Nix?'

Nix was the top SKIZM player.

'It's showtime,' says Nix, a young woman holding a machine gun in her hands and letting go.


I try to leave the room, but I cannot turn the doorknob because both hands are guns.

Nix approaches Miles shouting, 'Don't shoot! I'm tired of this.'

Looking at the situation, Rector, the top management of SKIZM

'You don't have to kill me, I'll crush SKIZM'

'Hmm ... no.'

Enthusiastic Rector

Nix shoots down a drone with a daylight rocket launcher

Miles blows up in the park with a figure that is half-naked and both hands are guns too suspicious

It seems that the steering wheel can be operated even if both hands become guns, and the fierce car chase is also a highlight of the movie.

A toy gun bullet hits Nix's head with a gun.

'A little wrong ...'

Fire without saying

'I'm tired of this! I'll finish it!'

Can Miles survive?

The homeless comforted the trailer, saying to Miles who plunges a gun into his mouth, 'I will not do that! Is over.

Guns Akimbo will be released in the United States on February 28, 2020, but publication in Japan has not yet been determined at the time of writing.

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