Netherlands declares that 'The Netherlands is not an official country name'



As part of its international image strategy, the Dutch government officially announced that ' Holland is not an official name .' Since January 2020, the only official name for the Netherlands is 'The Netherlands'.

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Holland no more: Dutch government officially drops nickname

There are several words that mean Dutch, such as 'The Netherlands,' 'Holland,' and 'Dutch.' Regarding the proper use of these words, there has been a tendency that 'The Netherlands' is used in formal situations such as official documents and government public relations, and 'Holland' is used in sports and casual conversations. Both 'The Netherlands' and 'Holland' have been used as official Dutch names. In one example, the official website of the Netherlands Tourism Board uses the domain name ''.

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The word 'Holland', the Dutch part, a regional

State Holland (in 1840 North Holland , South Holland comes from the division in). Holland is a region that has prospered as the political, economic and cultural center of the Netherlands, including major cities such as Amsterdam , Rotterdam and The Hague . 'Holland' in Japanese is also a word derived from 'Holland'.

The name 'Holland' is unofficial because of the branding strategy. A spokesman for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “In order to spread the Dutch culture, norms, and values, it was necessary to unify the Dutch names,” said the government, the Netherlands Tourism Board, and the private sector such as the Dutch Federation of Industry. Said it has reached an agreement that 'The Netherlands' is the only official name.

According to the Guardian of the Great Britain, the name 'The Netherlands' will be used at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the Eurovision Song Contest, which is an annual national competition music competition in Europe.

In addition, with the official name revision, the 'Netherlands official logo' was changed for 200,000 euros (about 25 million yen). The following used the old logo and 'Holland' as the country name. The flower on the left side of the letter is tulip. The Netherlands boasts the world's best tulip industry derived from the tulip bubble that began around 1600, and is famous for its colorful tulip fields around spring.

Below is the new logo. The abbreviation of 'NL' of Netherlands is largely arranged. In the Netherlands, criticism of 'was it necessary to spend 200,000 euros' against this logo was said to have sprung up.

The Dutch Tourism Agency has announced that it will shift to a strategy that emphasizes the benefits to the region rather than the number of tourists, and closes the Spanish, Italian and Japanese branch offices at the end of March 2020 to cut budgets. plans. After the closure, tourist information will be transmitted on the website.

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