More than 100,000 works of Paris can be downloaded for free, commercial use, modification, redistribution OK

Paris Musées, a public organization that has jurisdiction over a number of works of art, such as the Museum of Modern Art, Paris, has released over 100,000 images of the art collection as open content that can be freely used, modified and redistributed freely. did.

Les collections en ligne des musées de la Ville de Paris

Open content: plus de 100 000 œuvres des collections des musées de la Ville de Paris en libre accès | Paris Musées

More than 100,000 works released by Paris Musees, which manages and operates 14 museums in Paris, include masterpieces such as Rembrandt , Gustave Courbet , Eugene Delacroix , Anthony van Dyck , Paul Cézanne . Includes paintings.

In fact, when I visited the Paris Musées site , a page with a search field was displayed.

A quick search for 'CEZANNE' found a total of 84 works. If you click the check box on the left, you can filter by 'Royalty-free works', 'Only works with photos', 'Books as resources', 'Copyrights', 'Archive', etc.

Similarly, you can filter by 'art museum', 'author', 'art form such as painting or sculpture', 'age', and 'color'.

Scroll to see Cezanne's '

Portrait of Ambroise Vollart '.

Click on the 'SEE' icon on the left as the mouse will be as shown below.

The public page of the work was displayed.

At the bottom of the page is a

Creative Commons Zero (CC0) statement stating that we do not own any rights and a downloadable link. Click 'DOWNLOAD' ...

The compressed file '' was downloaded.

The compressed file contains a PDF file explaining that the work was released on CC0, a text file containing detailed information about the work, and two JPG files that photographed the work. One JPG file was taken of a painting only, and the other contained a picture frame.

Each image file is created at a resolution of 300

dpi , making it possible to observe detailed brush strokes.

In addition, Rembrandt's '

night watch '

Gustave Courbet's


You can enjoy masterpieces and masterpieces such as

the lithograph of Eugene Delacroix's 'Statue of Liberty Leading the People' right from home.

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