A gaming PC `` Concept UFO '' with Windows 10 that will be a portable game machine and a stationary game machine like Nintendo Switch appears from ALIENWARE

ALIENWARE , Dell's gaming PC brand, is the world's largest technology trade fair `` CES 2020 '' held in Las Vegas on January 7, 2020, and looks like a PC game version Nintendo Switch Concept model `` Concept UFO 'has been announced.

Dell Brings Vision of Future of PC Experiences to CES-Direct2Dell

Alienware's Concept UFO prototype imagines a gaming PC that's shaped like a Nintendo Switch-The Verge

The Concept UFO looks like a handheld game console itself, with a controller mounted across the display.

There is a cooling vent on the back.

The back panel functions as a stand.

The controller on the side of the display is detachable and can be used as a wireless connection controller. Furthermore, if you output the image of the Concept UFO to the monitor, you can play the game on a large screen.

Looking at the following movie, you can see that the reporter of the technical news site

The Verge is actually trying out Concept UFO.

Alienware turned a gaming PC into a Nintendo Switch-YouTube

The Concept UFO is composed of four parts: a head unit, which includes a monitor, a battery pack, left and right controllers, and a hub unit, which connects the controllers to one controller.

The weight of the main unit is slightly lighter than 2 pounds (about 907 g), and it is more than twice the weight of Nintendo Switch (398 g), but it was comfortable enough if touched for a short time.

On the test platform, games such as '

Rocket League ', ' F1 2019 ', ' Mortal Kombat 11 ' were available, but the operation was smooth and there was no delay.

Looking at the taskbar, the icons of Microsoft Edge and Explorer are lined up, which indicates that it is not a mere game machine but a Windows 10 equipped PC.

According to The Verge, 'Nintendo Switch has been very successful in porting titles such as

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Overwatch, but many of these porting titles are accompanied by reduced graphics and volume. However, if you have a Windows-based gaming PC, you can play existing PC games without repurchasing a ported title, which is a very interesting concept. '

Although the detailed specifications, price, release time, etc. of Concept UFO are unknown at the time of writing, Alienware says that an 8-inch screen and Intel's 10th generation processor will be adopted.

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