More Americans spending retirement age in Vietnam


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The Vietnam War , in which the United States intervened between 1961 and 1973, is remembered as a war that was devastating among Americans. A generation who has learned about the Vietnam War has chosen to spend his retirement in Vietnam.

Americans are retiring to Vietnam.Here's why-Los Angeles Times

Although the US military lost 58,000 people in the Vietnam War, much more Americans suffered mental stress and other disorders . Vietnamese veterans who cannot heal the wounds of the Vietnam War have frequently visited Vietnam for spiritual atonement after the war ended. However, an increasing number of Americans return to Vietnam today for common reasons, such as cheap housing and medical care.

John Rockhold, who once worked in the Vietnam War, is one of them. Rockhold worked in the US munitions industry after the war, but in 1992 he joined a program in Vietnam to assist economic refugees. He moved to Vietnam in 1995, when the United States and Vietnam officially regained diplomatic relations, and married in 2009.

Rockhold, 66, has children 10 and 9 years old. The cost of giving birth to a child is $ 1200, which is much lower than in the United States. Overlooking the Saigon River and the city beyond, one of the 20-storey apartments has four bedrooms and three bathroom units, boasting a considerable 170 square meters, but it's 2011 The price in the year was $ 250,000 (27 million yen).


Peter Nguyen

In Vietnam, even if you live in a spacious apartment like Rockhold and hire a cook or room cleaner, your living expenses will not exceed $ 2,000 a month. Many Vietnamese were born in 1975, after the end of the war, and have good security and sentiment towards the United States, and rarely get angry when Rockhold talks about his experience of serving. 'It's Vietnamese rather than Americans who were kind after the Vietnam War,' said Rockhold.

The Vietnamese government has relaxed visa rules and has put in place policies to increase American tourists and migrants, such as Mr. Rockhold. Despite the economic boom of China, political independence from China is one of the popular factors. Due to such factors, social security and welfare, the number of veterans in Vietnam seems to be increasing. Many stay in Vietnam on a one-year tourist visa, but some, like Rockhold, marry a Vietnamese woman and qualify for a longer stay.

by Tùng Lycan

Vietnam is not the only country that has attracted wealthy retirees from all over the world. Sri Lanka has issued a two-year renewable visa to retirees aged 55 and over who have $ 15,000 in their local bank account. The general cost of living for a person staying in Sri Lanka ranges from $ 1000 per month to $ 2,000 per month. Cambodia has a per capita GDP of $ 1,400 (about 150,000 yen), and you can live cheaper.

Mr. Rockhold said of Vietnam, 'Medical care and security have improved significantly compared to before, especially in the cities where I live, where security is one of the safest cities in the world. No. '

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