It turns out that 95% of drivers try to drive more safely when they put a 'fluffy cake' than children



Pavlova is a “crisp outside, fluffy inside” cake made with baked meringue, fresh cream and fruit, mainly eaten in Australia and New Zealand. An Australian insurance company reports that “people tend to drive more carefully with Pavlova than with children in their cars”.

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Why a pavlova is more precious than your kids-Herald Sun

Australian NRMA study finds drivers take more care with a pavlova in the car then driving children. | Daily Mail Online

NRMA Insurance, an Australian insurance company, conducted a survey targeting more than 1000 Australians, and 77% of men and 65% of women said they were confident in their driving skills is. In addition, 27% of respondents said they “dine while driving” and 26% said “step on the accelerator when the signal turns blue”. In addition, 25% of respondents replied, “I have been driving aside because of the child sitting in the back seat.”



Therefore, NRMA Insurance asked 20 subjects to perform three types of driving, `` Driving with one person '', `` Driving with a child in a car '', `` Driving with Pavlova in a car '', and evaluate the driving skill The experiment was conducted over 8 days.

In the questionnaire after the driving experiment, half of the drivers replied, “When driving a child, he drove more carefully,” and “Overall, he tried to drive carefully when he put a Pavlova.” It was only 12%.

However, it turned out that 95% of drivers did the most careful braking when Pavlova was put on the car, and the accuracy of turning corners was improved. Also, when Pavlova was placed in a car, the use of mobile phones decreased by 45%, and 20% of subjects showed improved speed control.

Dr. Adrian Camilleri, a psychologist, received a series of survey results by NRMA Insurance , `` People pay attention to various things as soon as they learn driving, but drive with inertia as they gain driving experience 'Because of this, attention will be lost.' However, Dr. Camilleri speculates that the driver will drive carefully because the situation of “loading a fluffy cake in the car” is not normal.

NRMA Insurance has released a movie that encourages safe driving based on this survey result.

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