A movie that shot a `` person who looks at the breast '' with a hidden camera on the breast is on sale

Some people may have experience that “when I saw a woman with big breasts in the city, my eyes turned away”. A movie in which a woman actually put a hidden camera on her chest and examined how many people are looking at her chest is released on YouTube.

Woman Wears Hidden Camera For Breast Cancer Awareness-YouTube

The 29-year-old Whitney Zeligg is checking the appearance in front of the mirror.

At first glance, it looks like an outfit without emphasis on the cleavage, but ...

There is actually a hidden camera that looks like a button on clothes.

Whitney, who hid a hidden camera, walked around New York City to see how many people saw her chest. His brother Chris Zelig is taking a picture of walking Whitney.

When passing by the cafe ...

The waiter has seen this for a moment. The first person appears immediately.

The woman sitting at the table immediately stared at me. It seems that it is not only a man's nature to get attention to a big breast.

When walking in the park, a couple of men look at this ...

The woman also witnessed Whitney's chest as she was tied.

Dandy grandfather holding his dog aside

Dog with clever face

A man pushing a stroller

Women walking with men

A wide variety of people and animals, such as a rough grandmother, see Whitney's chest.

Whitney walks around the city.

The store clerk inside the counter also opens his mouth and stares at his chest.

Looking at Whitney who had two larger fruits in front of his chest, the next grandfather looked suspicious.

A woman who puts her hair together ...

A couple who seems to be traveling with a suitcase

Even the Statue of Liberty has a glimpse of Whitney's chest.

To a Batman cosplay man ...

Even a man riding a rickshaw was drawn to the chest.

At the end of the movie, the message 'Ladies, don't forget to check out your own breasts too.'

“Early detection saves lives.” The movie appealed to viewers.

In fact, the reason why Mr. Whitney released this humorous movie was “To encourage awareness of breast cancer self-diagnosis and early screening”. Some women dislike that their breasts are the subject of attention, and feel embarrassed or disliked, but `` all women regain their confidence in their breasts and become aware of breast cancer. Whitney's movie is sending out the message “It is necessary to increase

Video: Woman Wears Hidden Camera To Catch People Checking Out Her Boobs


Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women in both developed and developing countries, with nearly 1.4 million people diagnosed with new breast cancer annually and more than 450,000 deaths. Early detection of breast cancer is an important basis for preventing death from breast cancer, and it can be cured with appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

In Japan, the number of women with breast cancer is on the rise, and nearly 14,000 people die annually from breast cancer. Breast cancer is the leading cause of death , especially among women aged 30 to 64 . It has been pointed out that the rate of breast cancer screening in Japan is lower than in other developed countries, and the fact that early detection is not possible seems to contribute to the increase in the number of deaths.

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