I tried Sushiro's `` One dish of Takumi '' where you can enjoy a little different creation created by a chef at a famous store

Well-established store chef devised creative sushi as the fifth installment of 'one dish of Takumi', rotation from three of the 'roe grip of red snapper,' 'shrimp heaven Chirichizu,' 'creative squid Seoul grip,' but December 4, 2019 (water) Appears in Sushi Sushiro. All of Takumi's dish menus are limited and sold out as soon as they are sold out, so I have tasted one product that Sushiro and a famous chef collaborated.

Delicious restaurant! To Sushiro. One dish of Takumi 5th 12/4 (Wednesday) ~ | Kaiten Sushi Sushiro


That's why I came to Sushiro.

Because it was a lunch hour, there was a waiting time of several minutes even when eating and drinking at the counter seat, but I sat safely. In the back of the case with disposable chopsticks on the table, three items of the 5th menu of the dish of the craftsman you wanted were appealing.

From the “Limited Time” menu on the monitor attached to the sushi-carrying rail, select “One dish of Takumi / Domestic natural etc.”. Here is a menu of takumi dishes, so I ordered from one end.

First to arrive is,

China greens Esusawada to be the owner and chef of Sawada of Shutaira Mr. devised 'roe grip of red snapper', Blanca Tetsuo Yoshioka of shopkeeper was invented 2 dish of 'creative squid Seoul grip'.

“Shinada no Karasumi Nigiri” (300 yen, tax not included) is a dish made from a freshly made sashimi delivered daily to each Sushiro store and a sun-dried book made from a Taiwanese book. When I ate it, I was honestly not deeply touched, and I couldn't say anything other than 'seriously blended with hazel.'

There are two types of “Creative squid soul nigiri” (150 yen tax not included), which are sandwiched between swords and Korean leaves. First of all, when I ate a person with Korean paste, the scent of Korean sesame oil spreads in my mouth, and then the spicy gochujang on top of the spread spreads, rather than sushi Korean seaweed roll Kinparo is a taste close to. On the other hand, those with large leaves are very refreshing, and the overall scent is more refreshing than those with Korean paste. Despite using almost the same ingredients, you can enjoy two flavors in one dish, so it was a creation that you could feel a little.

As for the menu of the fifth dish of Takumi, “Ebiten Chili Cheese” (150 yen plus tax) took the longest time to offer. This is a menu devised by Mr. Sawa of the Chinese vegetable essawada, as well as “Shinoki no Karasumi Nigiri”. Sautéed deep-fried shrimp is tempered with a delicious chili sauce designed by Mr. Sawada, and cheese is also on top, so there is no sense of “sushi” when eaten. The combination of tempura's fat and cheese's mellowness and chili sauce spiced more than imagined is outstanding, perfect for ordering when you are eating revolving sushi and feel `` I want to eat a little more greasy '' It was one dish.

In addition, `` Fried salmon homemade tartar '' (150 yen tax excluded) and `` Homemade tartar whole crisp shrimp spring roll '' (excluding tax) that appeared as the fourth bullet of a takumi that had been provided from October 30, 2019 (380 yen) was also offered, so I tried this too. Both menus were devised by Mr. Hiroshi Yamaguchi, the general chef at

Kobe Kitano Hotel .

The “Salari Salmon Homemade Tartar” is made with Mr. Yamaguchi's original recipe, “Tartar Sauce”, which is made by using salmon, one of Sushiro's classic menus, and using plenty of pickles and eggs such as onions and radishes. It ’s a lot of creation. I had imagined that the tartar sauce and roasted salmon would be greasy as a whole, but the pickle's sour taste is refreshing more than I imagined, and the smell of pickle that goes through the nose is very comfortable Good vibes. It was an arrangement for salmon lovers to try out.

And this is “Homemade Tartar Whole Crispy Shrimp Spring Roll”. After wrapping five shrimp one by one in a spring roll and then fried carefully, this is a dish topped with the same tartar sauce as the “Fried Salmon Homemade Tartar”.

Because it is deep-fried with shrimp and crisp, the crunchy spring rolls and crunchy from shrimp are comfortable, and it adds a satisfying response to revolving sushi that tends to be low in oil. Shrimp is solid and comes with 5 tails in one dish, so it is suitable for sharing and eating by multiple people.

Please note that Sushiro's “One Takumi” menu is limited in quantity and will be discontinued as soon as it is sold out.

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