Switch to a policy to allow posts on nudity and violence if Facebook has value in news

Facebook is taking a policy of deleting nudity and violent content, but by deleting the picture of "girl in Vietnam" known for being awarded the Pulitzer Prize, he was criticized from all over the world. On the other hand, Facebook has announced a new policy to exclude content such as nude from being deleted as long as it contains elements such as "high news quality" and "historically important things".

Input from Community and Partners on our Community Standards | Facebook Newsroom

Facebook will allow more more nudity and violence as long as it's 'newsworthy'

Facebook deleted was a world famous photograph that shot scenes where a girl who was bombed raid in the Vietnam War is escaping naked. Facebook decided this as "nude" and deleted it, but criticism was gathered from users as "it is performing censorship that hurts the public interest." The Swedish Cancer Society also announced that the illustration of the woman's chest used for breast cancer enlightenment has been deleted on Facebook and videos capturing the scene where unarmed black man was shot dead by a police officer also Facebook It was collecting further criticism by deleting it.

Facebook resurrected the picture of the girl in "Vietnamese girl" and apologized to the cancer association in Sweden, but based on these feedbacks "Community regulations"We revised the announcement. Although content related to nudity and violence will be subject to deletion in the future, it is said that it will be excluded from deletion subjects if it has media coverage or historically important items.

However, since the community regulations do not clarify clear criteria for "news nature" and "historical importance", it is not clear how to guarantee public interests in the future.

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