Survey results that cosmetics for use are highly contaminated with pathogenic bacteria


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Some cosmetics, such as lipstick, lip gloss, and eyeliner, cannot be used immediately, and many people have been using the same cosmetics for a long time. However, a research paper was published saying that most of these opened and used cosmetics were ' contaminated by pathogenic bacteria at a high level '.

Microbiological study of used cosmetic products: highlighting possible impact on consumer health-Bashir--Journal of Applied Microbiology-Wiley Online Library

Used Cosmetic Products Found to Be Crawling With Infectious Bacterial Contaminants

Aston University biomedicine Amlin Bashir and Peter Lambert lead a team of 96 lipsticks, 92 eyeliners, 93 mascaras, 107 lip glosses, 79 puffs ( We investigated the degree of bacterial contamination of makeup sponges.

In the UK, cosmetics are legally regulated as “no pathogenic organisms should be included in manufacturing”, but in fact, 70-90% of opened products were contaminated with bacteria. It has become clear. Furthermore, when the research team confirmed the makeup habits of people who used the cosmetics under investigation by questionnaire, it was not a problem with the cosmetics themselves, but `` bacterial contamination of cosmetics has occurred because there were problems with usage '' It turned out.

Cosmetics, unlike food, do not have a shelf life, but most cosmetics have an expiration date set by the manufacturer. The expiration date indicates that the antiseptic component contained in the product protects the cosmetic from bacterial contamination. Therefore, when the expiration date of cosmetics expires, the antiseptic effect is lost, and germs become easier to propagate. Bacteria attached to the cosmetics to be investigated included intestinal bacteria such as

Staphylococcus aureus , pathogenic Escherichia coli , and Citrobacter .

It has been pointed out that many people continue to use cosmetics without knowing that the expiration date has expired. For example, a study conducted in Brazil in 2013 shows that 97.9% continue to use expired makeup, although it is a small parameter of 44 students.


In the questionnaire, 93% of respondents answered that they have never washed a puff. In addition, 64.4% responded that they continued to use the puff even if it was dropped on the floor.

In a paper, the research team reported, “According to research, we found that puffs are particularly susceptible to bacterial contamination, and more than a quarter of the investigated puffs are contaminated with E. coli.” You can wash it with lukewarm water and detergent, but if you don't dry it well, it will promote the growth of microorganisms. '

Mr. Bashir said, “Consumers and the entire cosmetic industry must learn about the need to clean and dry the cosmetics regularly and the risk of using the cosmetics after the expiration date” Urging.

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