I've been drinking Starva's “Natta White Chocolate Frappuccino & Natti White Mocha” with a unique flavor of white chocolate and nuts

Two types of drinks made from white chocolate and nuts are featured in Starbucks with the motif of

Gianduya , a traditional Italian snack. “ Natta White Chocolate Frappuccino ” is a drink made from nutbucks and white chocolate from the popular Frappuccino in Starbucks. “ Nati White Mocha ” is a hot drink perfect for the cold season. I drank a gorgeous drink perfect for the holiday season.

[New Product Information] Natti White Chocolate Frappuccino® / Nati White Mocha | Starbucks Coffee Japan

'Nati White Chocolate Frappuccino®' and 'Nati White Mocha' Appearance | Starbucks Coffee Japan

I came to Starbucks.

A new drink featuring white chocolate and nuts is highlighted on the signboard.

So, I ordered immediately. On the left is “Nati White Chocolate Frappuccino” (590 yen plus tax), and on the right is “Nati White Mocha”. The price of Natti White Mocha varies depending on the size: short (450 yen tax not included), toll (490 yen tax not included), grande (530 yen tax not included), and benty (570 yen tax not included).

It looks like this when taking the lid part. Both are topped with whipped cream, nuts & white chocolate sauce, three colors of chocolate and silver alazan.

Frappuccino offered only tall sizes, and Natti White Mocha also ordered tall sizes. Compare the size of the cup with the iPhone XS with a genuine case .

Nutty White Chocolate Frappuccino is a vanilla-based Frappuccino blended with “nuts & white chocolate sauce” using hazelnuts and white chocolate, topped with whipped, nuts & white chocolate sauce, three colors of chocolate and silver arazan thing.

Looking at the cup from the side, it looks like this. You can see that white frappuccino is mixed with light brown nuts and white chocolate sauce.

When I actually drink it, the vanilla flavor of Frappuccino is stronger than I imagined, but the flavor and hazelnut flavor are outstanding. Frappuccino had a much stronger flavor of vanilla and nuts than the flavor of white chocolate, so I tried eating the whipped cream part on the drink, but the presence of white chocolate was also small. The drink contains roasted walnuts and crispy shortbreads, making it an accent to the texture.

Natty White Mocha is also the same topped on the drink part. The drink consists of white chocolate and hazelnut sauce plus fragrant espresso.

The cup is based on red and white, with the words “STARBUCKS” interspersed and a green logo in the center. A design that must be conscious of Christmas because of the colorful mixture of red, white and green.

Natti White Mocha is less sweet than Frappuccino and has a strong white chocolate presence. This is the impression that the flavor of nuts is defeated by the scent of coffee, but since the mellow sweetness of nuts and white chocolate sauce is dissolved, it is finished as a coffee that is quite easy to drink. The sweet taste spreads in your mouth while you can feel the flavor of the coffee firmly, so you can feel relieved in the cold winter.

In addition, “Natty White Chocolate Frappuccino” and “Natti White Mocha” will be sold in limited quantities from November 22, 2019, and will be discontinued as soon as they are gone.

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