Chrome extension `` Hide Likes Everywhere '' review that hides the number of retweets and likes of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and vanish

Past research has shown that ``

people who are just comparing themselves with others on SNS are likely to have depression , '' actually Twitter , Facebook , Instagram, etc. have sound discussions and user We are considering removing or hiding the “Like” function for the purpose of improving happiness. Meanwhile, the Chrome extension “ Hide Likes Everywhere ” that hides the “Like” on Twitter and Facebook and helps to break away from vanity has appeared, so actually install it on Chrome and try it Saw.

Hide Likes Everywhere

To install “Hide Likes Everywhere” on Chrome, first access the above URL and click “Install Google Chrome”.

You will be transferred to the Chrome Web Store distribution page, so click “Add to Chrome”.

When the confirmation dialog is displayed, click “Add Extension”.

Click “Allow Permissions” to allow “Install Google Chrome” to access the website.

Installation is complete when this screen appears.

I will check the effect on Twitter at once. Before installation, the number of retweets and “Like” were displayed like this ...

It was blank after installation.

Even on Facebook, the number of likes, comments, and shares was displayed ...

I can't see it cleanly.

On YouTube, the number of views and subscribers are hidden. However, “highly rated” and “lowly rated” remained.

The hidden function can be turned on and off by clicking the icon in the upper right and then clicking the “Hide metrics” toggle switch.

You can also delete “Like” on Instagram and reddit on the bulletin board site.

DK (@dk_the_human) who developed “Hide Likes Everywhere” is an official website. “At first, you may feel inconvenience that you ca n’t see“ Like ”, but that ’s what we like! 'If you don't stick to people's evaluation while using it, you'll find it comfortable.'

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