What is the “AI-changing way of working in Japan” spoken by a Japanese female CEO who participated in Google ’s AI startup program?

Google's Developer Launchpad Accelerator is a human resource development program for artificial intelligence (AI) startups deployed in 40 countries around the world. Google Launchpad Accelerator Tokyo is also being implemented in Japan. Mirai Hirano, CEO of Cinnamon Co., Ltd. , a Japanese AI venture company that participated in Google Launchpad, talked about the way Japan works with AI.

AI is bringing back balance to Japanese workers

You can see how Mr. Hirano is responding to Google's interview from the following movie.

Ideas to Reality: Cinnamon-AI to restore work life balance to Japanese workers-YouTube

“I think my mission is to change the way I work today,” says Mirai Hirano, CEO of Cinnamon Corporation. Mr. Hirano is an entrepreneur who started a software development company and sold it to mixi in 2006 when he was a student.

Mr. Hirano began to think about how to work in earnest because of the news of a case in which a young woman lost her life due to overwork suicide. Mr. Hirano, who was pregnant at the time, came to think that 'I need to change my work style for the next generation' while investigating the incident and the working environment in Japan.

Mr. Hirano, as symbolized by the word `` Karoshi '', Japanese workers are in a very inefficient work environment and have mental problems. '' doing.

According to Mr. Hirano, Japanese workers are locked up in long working hours by being filled with “unstructured data” such as invoices with different layouts for each business partner and contracts exchanged at each transaction. This is because business documents are flooded.

The AI / Flax Scanner developed by Cinnamon Co., Ltd. takes over the processing of these documents. Using this AI, it is possible to create a 400-page summary of legal contract documents in just 3 minutes. Trying to do the same thing manually can sometimes take a week.

The development team of Cinnamon Co., Ltd., led by Mr. Hirano, has developed AI that can recognize characters and sentences flexibly using deep learning technologies such as TensorFlow and Firebase, which are Google's AI tools.

Mr. Hirano wants to restore work-life balance by letting AI take over repetitive tasks and free Japanese workers from long working hours.

Ultimately, all the tedious work is left to AI, and humans work creatively only 4 hours a day, 4 days a week, and the rest of the time is a hobby and family working time It will be realized.

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