Cats feel almost no sweetness


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If you have a cat, many of you have experienced the cat's interest in people's food. However, it turns out that cats do not have the taste of “sweet”, an important factor in tasting human food and cooking.

Pseudogenization of a Sweet-Receptor Gene Accounts for Cats' Indifference toward Sugar

Strange but True: Cats Cannot Taste Sweets-Scientific American

The human tongue a taste receptor organs taste buds are present, five basic tastes and sweet-sour salty bitter taste through the taste buds, to the addition of 'taste fat' 6 Taste the taste . Sweetness is a sign that it is perceived to contain abundant carbohydrates that are important for human energy. In humans, when a cell that senses sweetness touches a sweet thing, a signal is sent to the brain. Two genes, TAS1R2 and TAS1R3 , are involved in the sweet taste process.



Since there are 9000 miso on the human tongue and only 473 miso on the cat's tongue, it has been known that cats are creatures that do not taste much. In addition, when Joseph Brand and Xia Li, who are studying taste at the Monel Chemosensory Laboratory in the United States, analyzed cat DNA, cats, lions, tigers, and cheetahs have the base sequence that makes up the TAS1R2 gene. It was found that 247 base pairs were missing.

From this, Brand said, “Cats don't feel much sweetness. A few cats may be able to detect high levels of sugar using the TAS1R3 gene, but there will be only a handful.” Talking Other than cats, chickens and catfish do not feel sweet. However, it is said that even mammals that eat only meat, such as hyenas and mongooses, can feel sweetness, and cats are almost the only mammals that do not feel sweetness.

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Brand says, “General cat food contains about 20% of carbohydrates, but cats cannot produce the enzyme glucokinase , which is necessary to metabolize sugar. I think it ’s very bad to metabolize. ”

In another study focusing on the transition of blood sugar level when feeding food that actually contains carbohydrates instead of DNA (PDF file) , `` Carbohydrates are considered an important energy source for cats, but cats It is known that it is important to have a balanced diet while maintaining the necessary amount of carbohydrates because it is an animal species that is poor at carbohydrate metabolism.

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