Plutonium may have leaked from the `` nuclear weapon grave '' on the Pacific Ocean



Located on the Pacific Ocean, Lunit Island , a republic of the Marshall Islands , is home to buildings containing nuclear waste left by the United States during the Cold War. It is pointed out that the building may have been destroyed by climate change and plutonium may have leaked.

How the US betrayed the Marshall Islands, kindling the next nuclear disaster-Los Angeles Times

Parts of the Marshall Islands are more radioactive than Chernobyl and Fukushima, study finds-CNN

During the Cold War, the United States conducted 67 nuclear tests in the Marshall Islands. As a result of the experiment, four of the 40 islands that existed in the Marshall Islands disappeared, and many residents and marine resources of the Marshall Islands were exposed. In the Marshall Islands, a dome-shaped structure with nuclear waste was left behind. This dome-shaped structure is called a “grave” because of its appearance.

The details of the construction of a nuclear weapon grave in the Marshall Islands are detailed in the following article.

85,000 cubic meters of radioactive waste is stored in a huge dome structure built on an island over the Pacific Ocean-GIGAZINE

In order to discuss compensation for the Marshall Islands, the United States and the Marshall Islands have established an independent organization called the “Nuclear Damage Compensation Court”. In 2001, the Nuclear Damage Compensation Court granted the US obligation to pay $ 2.3 billion (about ¥ 250 billion) to the Marshall Islands. However, according to the Los Angeles Times, which reported this issue, only $ 4 million (PDF file)

was actually paid (PDF file) .

In response to this, `` We paid $ 600 million (about 65 billion yen) for the migration and medical expenses of people affected by the nuclear test, and this amount is equivalent to $ 1 billion when adjusted by inflation 'Yes,' commented the American Ambassador to the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Also, Marshall Islands politicians lobbyed for help from the US government, but American politicians said, “The graves of nuclear weapons are located in the Marshall Islands and are the responsibility of the Marshall Islands.” He said. On the other hand, in September 2019, President Hilda Heine of the Republic of the Marshall Islands accused, “Why is this tomb of nuclear weapons ours? Not our garbage”.



In addition, since the US nuclear test, the number of fetuses born with birth defects in the Marshall Islands has clearly increased. From 2016 to 2019, there were many reports such as the death of fish and the decrease in coral population.

Furthermore, in July 2019, a research team at Columbia University in the United States published several papers stating that “in some parts of the Marshall Islands, radiation exceeding Chernobyl was detected”.

Radiation in Parts of Marshall Islands is Higher Than Chernobyl | Columbia News

According to a published paper, `` As a result of examination of soil samples, marine sediments, fruits, etc., radioisotope concentrations in the Bikini Atoll, Enewetak Atoll, Longerappu Atoll and Utilik Atoll in the Marshall Islands are between the US and the Marshall Islands Republic. It is far above the exposure limits set by the agreement. ' The paper suggests that 'radioisotopes are leaking from the graves of nuclear weapons due to sea level rise.'

According to the Los Angeles Times, the US Air Force Lieutenant General Warren D. Johnson said in the minutes of the conference on the construction of a nuclear weapon grave that he would be responsible for repairing the dome if the dome broke down. It seems to have been.

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