Share what you see on the illustration ordering side at GIGAZINE's off-line meeting 'GIGAZINE CAFE'

The postponement of the October 2019 event will be held on Sunday, November 17 from 14:00 to 16:00. The following is almost the same as the contents posted last month.

For example, on Twitter, we see a relatively large number of illustrators and painters who put phrases like “Recruiting” in the user name and profile fields, but people on the “ordering side” are from an individual standpoint. Rather, how do you choose from the standpoint of a company? Where do you see when choosing? What are you focusing on? I hardly see that. If so, it is only an “individual” opinion, what about the actual realistic criteria? This is a so-called “trade secret” and is not out of the door.

Especially about the center of the actual situation of illustration work, “How the ordering side decides whether to request” or not, there is a possibility that it is flaming to talk about too much money on SNS / blog on the Internet etc. Because it ’s big, it ’s almost never shared. It seems that acquaintances often bring in “Oh, that's ah” or “Looks like this” in the observation range.

GIGAZINE, on the other hand, has gathered various circumstances in various industries in the process of selecting candidates from nearly 1,000 illustrators and painters and so on and requesting work. Part of the process has already been shared with members of the “GIGAZINE Secret Club” as follows.

What did you do to make the illustration correction instructions as specific as possible and improve the completeness? Making full version until the August 2019 Manga Grand Prix top picture is made-gigazine

What is the reason for making repeated changes until the manga support illustrations were made, in order to keep the purpose of “Creating illustrations” complete and making changes? -GIGAZINE

What amendments have been made to improve the theme of the illustration? Making full version until September 2019 Manga Award top picture is made

Making full version until the October 2019 Manga Grand Prix top picture is made, you can see where professionals are looking to enhance the appeal of illustrations

Until the manga support illustrations are made, the full version of the making, how can the poses of the people and the arrangement of the objects be devised to make the illustration more attractive?

What instructions were given to make the full version of the comic until the manga support illustrations were made, and an illustration that reflected the atmosphere of the work?

Making full version until the November 2019 Manga Grand Prix top picture is made, which shows how professionals can modify to improve the `` intelligibility '' of illustrations

So, next time on October 13, 2019 (Sunday) `` GIGAZINECAFE '', as the name `` GIGAZINE secret club '', basically secretly shared among members, as its name suggests As a place to exchange work information on illustrations, I decided to try 'Where is the ordering party deciding whether to request or not?' As soon as I thought that it would fit well with the “off-meeting” concept separated from online.

Of course, any member of GIGAZINE Secret Club can participate, so `` I do not intend to become an illustrator or painter separately, but I would like to observe from a freelance position '' or `` What the whole company, other companies like `` I want to know if I have decided the supplier '' or `` I want to ask instead of an acquaintance '' `` There is a story that I want someone to ask me in secret '' `` Surely there are few jobs recently Even if you say 'I want to consult with you casually and use it for the future', it's all welcome, okay, all OK.

GIGAZINE off-line meeting 'GIGAZINE CAFE'

Date: November 17 (Sunday), 14: 00-16: 00

Location: GIGAZINE former headquarters (4-10-12 Owada, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka)

Nearest station: 7 minutes on foot from Hanshin Senfune Station

Eligibility: Be a member of GIGAZINE Secret Club (both monthly and yearly OK)

Deadline for application: Scheduled for Saturday, November 16, 2019, 13:00 (If there are a large number of participants, there is a possibility that the application will be closed earlier)

Application for participation: Click here ( you must be logged in as a member of GIGAZINE Secret Club )

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