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A charcoal-grilled beef rib with beef ribs made from a combination of domestic tamari soy sauce, algae salt, and Tsugaru miso on a sandwich chain subway where you can easily eat vegetables will be on sale from Wednesday, November 27 It was decided. The limited bread “Black Sesame” that will bring out the deliciousness to match this will also appear.

“Charcoal grilled ribs and beef” will be released on 11/27 (Wed.)! │Subway New Arrivals│Press Releases│Delicious! Let's go. Vegetable subway official website

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`` Bunny Harvestman '' where the dog's face walks around with 8 legs is a topic-gigazine

It turned out that the ocean absorbed 1.6 times the heat of the assumption, and a review of efforts to combat global warming is called out-GIGAZINE

Cockroaches are fighting with `` karate kick '' to `` bees that turn cockroaches into zombie slaves ''-GIGAZINE

`` Alternate Math Solver '' that calculates mathematics problems and teaches answers including intermediate formulas-gigazine

The love hormone `` oxytocin '' turns social communication into pleasure and gives marijuana-like addiction-GIGAZINE

How did the color sample “PANTONE” become the world standard for “color”? -GIGAZINE

`` Skirt turning calendar 2015 '' which turns the skirt placed on the table one by one every month and checks the date is like this-GIGAZINE

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When I entered the hibernating bear's burrow ... I came over here! ! | National Geographic Japan Version Site

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Originally acquired 5,633 copies of the Ministry of Finance “Moritomo Document”: Yugata Satellite: TV Tokyo

TV Tokyo obtained approximately 5,600 pages of administrative documents that the Ministry of Finance had set as 'non-disclosure' in response to a request for information disclosure due to the sale of state-owned land over 'Moryu Gakuen'. The obtained documents include the assumed questions and answers prepared by the government to answer the Diet over the sale of state-owned land, and documents exchanged between the Kinki Finance Bureau of the Ministry of Finance with the Ministry of Finance and the Osaka Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, etc. Go up to the page.

Vienna Art Exhibition, withdrawn from official recognition Is the nuclear accident or government criticism a problem?

NHK News

Grand President, “Red Dawn of the Red” SoftBank Group Interim Financial Results | NHK News

Former Japanese snowboarder arrested suspect Kazuhiro Kunimo Suspected violation of Cannabis Control Law | NHK News

Typhoon approaching local government HP “I can not see” | NHK News

NHK News Postponed English Private Examination Ministry of Education

'That store is full' Lie to the store or guide part-time student arrest: Asahi Shimbun Digital

External provision of big data expands | NHK News

Otoya's first deficit outlook since listing | NHK News

Hate speech, serious online human rights violations accused of lawmakers 'new law by the Tokyo Olympics'-lawyer dot com

Senator Reiwa Kimura appeals to the first question and answer evacuation center for additional toilets for the disabled | NHK News

NHK News

NHK News Suspicion that radioactive material was concealed at home Company employee arrested

Convenience store owner 85% less than 1 day off weekly METI survey | NHK News

Securing a man who fires a liquid fire like kerosene in the city hall Hyogo Amagasaki | NHK News

National Assembly President's proposal Japanese Government “Unacceptable” | NHK News

All 10 submersible vehicles on the Hokuriku Shinkansen will be scrapped | NHK News

To review the limits of disaster response with only regular employees Ibaraki Kashima | NHK News

Hong Kong pro-Middles, chest stab wounded Political conflict, retribution for retaliation 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

Assault attack in southern Thailand, 15 deaths Islamic armed forces 5 photos International News: AFPBB News

Temporary teachers in Akita suffer from chronic shortage `` Education prefecture '' suffering, population decline and youth outflow also affected-Sankei news

Nine Mormon American families killed in ambush attack Mexico-BBC News

'Pleasure to hit the bullet' arrested doctor sling shot launch Tokyo | NHK News

Black school regulations, more than 90% of prefectural highs abolished in Gifu: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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“Even though the seats are vacant, there are not enough clerk to enter the customers ...” Why do Toyosu and Odaiba commercial facilities run short? -Togetter

Distortion of society that 'childcare is a woman's thing'-The limit of 'maternal love myth' that began to appear-Yahoo! News

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Summary of support fraud that occurred due to fraudulent behavior of Trend Micro employees-piyolog

Rediscovery of time stamps and 'so-called blockchain'-Shin'ichiro Matsuo-Medium

Tech Book 8 Announcement of Circle Recruitment-Tech Book Blog

Advice from a 19-year-old software developer girl-Qiita

What is SSL / TLS? SSL / TLS story that we want to know now-2nd-TLS1.3 HTTP / 2 story | Sakura Knowledge

Japan's future felt in the UK as a cashless developed country | Shota Horii | note

A story that has come to be avoided if you request disclosure of people who slandered on the bulletin board from one end and send proof of contents `` Because he appeals with Gachi, do not talk ''-Togetter

Build a Kubernetes (k3s) cluster with just free Oracle Cloud | blog.potproject.net

Reply directly to dad's live tweet warning preeminent effect, spread to national police-Mainichi Newspaper

TikTok emphasizes independence from Chinese government, distrust does not disappear-Reuters

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ID: INVADED Id: Invaded Official Trailer 02

Ys I / II Tsuji (19): Appearance of PC Engine CDROM | Colorful Pieces of Game

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High school baseball ball number limit 'within 500 balls per week' expert meeting report proposed | NHK News

Mr. Sachiko Yamashita, “Stunning a player” in Sapporo-Land: Nikkan Sports

AV director Toru Muranishi “AIDS Awareness Event” appearance criticism ... Sponsored by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “I expected the ability to communicate”

'AKIRA' talk show Mitsuo Iwata (as voice actor Kaneda) Nozomi Sasaki (as voice actor Tetsuo) | 'AKIRA' Talk Show Mitsuo Iwata, Nozomu Sasaki-YouTube

'HUMAN LOST human disqualification' stage greetings Kana Hanazawa Fumitomo Kiso Kajikata | 'Human Lost' Greetings from the Stage-YouTube

'White Snake Den 4K Digital Remastered' talk show | 'The White Snake Enchantress' Talk Show-YouTube

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-New work in the Lotteria Original Sweets 'Ghana Milk Chocolate' series! ~ 4 products from the Ghana Milk Chocolate series Limited sale from Thursday, November 14, 2019! | News Release | Lotteria

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