I tried `` Sweets Thunder Pretty Style Shortcake Taste '' which made strawberry shortcake bite size

Yuraku Seika's `` Black Thunder '' series, `` Sweets Thunder Pretty Style Shortcake Taste '' that reproduces `` Short Strawberry Cake of Royal Road Sweets '' using freeze dried strawberry flakes and white chocolate with a fresh cream feeling, November 2019 Appears from May 5th. I was curious about the taste of the black cake with a short cake taste, so I tried it.

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This is “Sweets Thunder Pretty Style Shortcake Flavor”.

If you look closely at the package, the phrase “Black Thunder God” by Black Thunder has become “Tehepero Thunder God”. A mischievous patissier next to the image of the short cake was also sticking out his tongue, saying, “A gentle texture!

Ingredients include “white chocolate chips” for tasting fresh cream and “dried strawberry flakes” for reproducing strawberry shortcakes.

Calories are 225kcal per 41g per bag.

This is the bag opened and put on the plate. Nine black thunders were in one bag.

Compared to a normal black thunder (right), it looks like this. Sweet Thunder Pretty Style The short cake taste is the first “Sweet Thunder” finished without a chocolate coating in the history of Black Thunder, so the surface is rugged compared to normal Black Thunder.

When you cut it in half and compare it. Sweets Thunder Pretty Style In addition to the red freeze-dried strawberries on the cross section of the short cake taste, you can see “cake dough” in the part surrounded by the red frame.

When you eat one, a surprisingly strawberry-sweet taste spreads on your tongue. In addition, although it is crispy, the soft and moist cake dough melts in the mouth, and you can feel the richness like a cream, so it is exactly like `` Short cake with strawberries made a bite size The word “sweets” is perfect.

'Sweets Thunder Pretty Style Shortcake Flavor' can be purchased from Lawson stores nationwide from November 5, 2019, and the price is 120 yen excluding tax.

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