The ranking of companies polluting the world with plastic will be released


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Break Free From Plastic, an environmental organization that tackles the world's plastic waste issue, announced the name of the manufacturer of pollution sources for plastic waste, which was discovered as a result of cleaning activities involving 72,541 volunteers in 51 countries. did.

BRANDED Vol.II Identifying the World's Top Corporate Plastic Polluters
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Coca-Cola is a promising source of plastic waste pollution. A total of 11,732 trash from plastic products bearing the Coca-Cola brand mark was collected in 37 countries across four continents. This number was higher than the total number of 2-4.

Nestlé is second, with a total of 4846 plastic waste collected in 31 countries.

The third is

PepsiCo , with a total of 3362 waste collected in 28 countries.

After the 4th place,

Monderie and Unilever continued. All of the top 5 manufacturers are global companies with a focus on the sale and production of beverages and food.

Looking at regional trends, Coca-Cola won first place in Europe and the African continent. In the South America continent and Eurasia continent, it showed the overwhelming strength, 2nd place. Also, in North America, Starbucks is showing a good fight, which is difficult for third place.

However, not only the companies listed above should be blamed. Along with

World Cleanup Day on September 21, 2019, a total of 476,423 plastic litter collected from cleaning activities around the world has 484 brand logos. It was. In addition, 43% of the total waste is found in the brand, and the remaining 57% is not sure where the responsibility is.

The breakdown of garbage is like this. The most common was plastic bags, followed by small amounts of sachets and plastic bottles.

Of course, global companies are not taking any measures. Plastic garbage # 1 of Coca-Cola, a policy to replace all of the PET bottles that are new production in 2030, as a raw material derived from 30% plant has been used 'PlantBottle'

has been launched . In addition, we started manufacturing “ PlantBottle 2.0 ” made of 100% plant-derived materials. Eventually, the idea is to replace all plastic bottles with highly sustainable materials.

Nestlé, the 2nd place, has

set the goal of making all packages reusable by 2025, and as its first initiative, it has begun production of a paper package kit cut that can be folded into paper cranes in Japan. .

However, Coca-Cola and Nestle of plastic garbage has also been reported status quo that has increased compared to 2018, appear the effect of the measures is likely to be the immediate destination.

Break Free From Plastic said in the report, “Reputable companies are complaining about '100% recyclable', but they are committed to reducing the impact on the environment. Rukoto is pointed out that is another ', it emphasized that individual consumers rather than companies ask is there is a need to break with disposable culture.

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