'Custom Anim' that automatically generates 3DCG animation when you enter a word

Bemmu Sepponen, who runs the candy distribution service ' Candy Japan ' for overseas users who like Japanese sweets, has created a program ' CustomAnim ' that automatically generates a movie that forms the words entered by 3DCG candy when you enter a word. Created and published.

CustomAnim — Instant custom animation that spells any word you want

・ 2020/10/28 postscript
The service name and URL have changed to the following. The service content is the same.

Hattemi — Instant custom animation that spells any word you want

CustomAnim is very easy to use, access the above URL and enter the characters you want to express in the movie in the text box. This time, enter 'GIGAZINE' and click 'Preview'.

Then the last frame of the output movie will be displayed at the bottom of the page. Click 'Start render' in the red frame to start rendering the movie.

It is said that the GPU rendering server is used for rendering the movie.

According to Sepponen, it took more than 2 minutes to render and encode the movie at first, but by performing rendering using GPU and encoding with H.264 , it will finally be rendered and encoded. It seems that it succeeded in reducing the time required to about 3 seconds.

After rendering and encoding the movie, you can download the movie from the 'download' button in the red frame.

You can watch the created movie from the following.

Create a 'GIGAZINE' movie with 'Custom Anim' that automatically generates a video when you enter a word --YouTube

In addition, it is said that Blender , which is an open source 3DCG modeling software, is used for Custom Anim.

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