Google smoke smartphone “Pixel” series latest model “Pixel 4” announcement

Pixel 4 ”, the latest model of the Pixel series, was announced at Made by Google '19 , Google ’s new product launch.

A phone made the Google Way | Introducing Google Pixel 4-YouTube

Mr. Sabrina Ellis, Google product director, entered the stage.

It was announced the latest model of the Pixel series “ Pixel 4 ”.

The body color is white, black and orange.

A movie that understands the design and color of Pixel 4 is also released.

Google's Most Helpful Phone | Pixel 4-YouTube

' Soli ', a motion sensor that uses radar technology developed by Google, is installed at the top of the display.

As a result, motion sense (moving object recognition) and ...

The fastest face recognition function by motion sense can be provided.

With motion sense, you can operate just by shaking your hand in front of Pixel 4.

You can also communicate with Pikachu using gestures.

A movie that appeals to the motion sense of Pixel 4 that can be used from face authentication to gesture operation is also released.

The 1st Smartphone with Motion Sense | Google Pixel 4-YouTube

Of course, Google Assistant is also installed. You can open the app by voice operation and perform various actions.

The interface has been redesigned and evolved into a more integrated Google Assistant.

A movie that appeals to Google Assistant that evolved with Pixel 4 is also released.

Meet the New Google Assistant on Pixel-YouTube

The voice of the user will be deleted from the voice collected by Google Assistant.

Equipped with a security chip “Titan M” for safe processing of highly confidential information.

Recorder app is ...

Supports real-time transcription. There are many cloud-based transcription services, but Pixel 4's real-time transcription is done on the terminal.

The advanced recorder app not only transcribes the AI in the device in real time, but also identifies whether the sound is “music” or “speaking”. According to Engadget , the real-time transcription function of the recorder app only supports English.

Introducing a New Kind of Audio Recorder-YouTube

A “Live Caption” function that uses this real-time transcription function also appeared. Even if the surroundings are noisy and you can't hear your device, you can add captions by transcribing the audio in real time.

Introducing Live Caption, now on Pixel 4-YouTube

Display refresh rate is 90Hz

Prices start at $ 799 (about 87,000 yen).

Compatible with major American carriers.

A photograph usually consists of four elements: 'subject', 'light', 'lens', and 'body'.

However, the Pixel 4 camera creates high-definition photos like never before with four elements: 'subject', 'light', 'lens' and 'software'.

Pixel 4's main camera has evolved into a dual camera. The lens configuration is a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens, which is different from the combination of iPhone 11's wide-angle x super-wide angle and iPhone 11 Pro's wide-angle x wide-angle x super-wide angle. According to the overseas media The Verge , the two lenses are 'a hybrid of optical zoom and digital zoom is realized by a 12.2 megapixel main camera (wide angle) and a 16 megapixel telephoto lens'.

Because it uses the proprietary “Super Res Zoom” technology, even if you cut out some of the photos ...

You can cut out with high definition as if you shot with zoom.

'Live HDR +'

Live HDR + allows dual exposure control.

A slider for adjusting the brightness and shadow is displayed on the viewfinder, and you can adjust the two to take a picture of your choice. It shows how “photos to be taken” look in real time.

White balance

White that tends to be blue on smartphone cameras ...

Pixel 4 can express more beautiful white color.

The skin of people who tend to turn pale when shooting in the dark ...

Pixel 4 makes it possible to reproduce human skin more realistically as if it were seen with the naked eye.

Portrait mode

You can shoot beautiful portraits with blurred backgrounds.

People are not the only subjects that can be shot in portrait mode.

Furthermore, with “Night Sight” specializing in shooting in the dark, the software combines multiple photos taken with long exposures to create beautiful night sky photos…

Enables photography in the dark.

Pixel 4 ’s advanced camera features include Live HDR + dual exposure control, excellent white balance, wide-angle portrait mode, and Night Sight specializing in dark photography.

A movie that appeals the camera performance of the evolved Pixel 4 is also released.

Get the Perfect Picture Every Time | Google Pixel 4-YouTube

According to Cnet , the specifications of Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are as follows.

◆ Pixel 4
Display: 5.7 inch FHD + 90Hz OLED
Pixel density: 444ppi
Size: Length 147.1mm x Width 68.8mm x Thinness 8.2mm
Weight: 162g
OS: Android 10
Rear camera: 16 megapixel (wide angle), 12.2 megapixel (telephoto)
Front camera: 8 megapixel
Processor: Snapdragon 855
ROM: 64GB / 128GB
Battery capacity: 2800mAh
Terminal: USB-C
Earphone jack: None
Waterproof and dustproof performance: IP68 equivalent
Price: $ 799 for the 64GB model ($ 87,000), $ 899 for the 128GB model ($ 98,000)

◆ Pixel 4 XL
Display: 6.3 inch FHD + 90Hz OLED
Pixel density: 537ppi
Size: Vertical 160.4mm x Width 75.1mm x Thinness 8.2mm
Weight: 193g
OS: Android 10
Rear camera: 16 megapixel (wide angle), 12.2 megapixel (telephoto)
Front camera: 8 megapixel
Processor: Snapdragon 855
ROM: 64GB / 128GB
Battery capacity: 3700mAh
Terminal: USB-C
Earphone jack: None
Waterproof and dustproof performance: IP68 equivalent
Price: 64GB model is $ 899 (about 98,000 yen), 128GB model is 999 dollars (about 109,000 yen)

According to the official blog, reservation acceptance starts today, Wednesday, October 16, 2019. Shipment is scheduled to begin on Thursday, October 24, 2019.

Pixel 4 is here to help

It will be sold on the following page.

Purchase Google devices and accessories from the Google Store

In addition, Google has also released a movie that interviews the engineers behind the development of “motion sense” and “camera”, which are the main features of Pixel 4, on the back side.

The Magic of Motion Sense on Google Pixel 4 | Inside Story-YouTube

How Art Inspired the Google Pixel 4 Camera | Inside Story-YouTube

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