It turned out that recording by Amazon surveillance camera was checked by Amazon employees

Bloomberg reported that Amazon had several dozen employees analyze part of the video taken with the home-use surveillance camera “

Cloud Cam ”. The content of video analysis by employees was used for artificial intelligence (AI) training and other purposes.

Is Amazon Watching You? Cloud Cam Footage Reviewed By Humans-Bloomberg

Amazon reported that Amazon Echo, a smart speaker with Alexa, a voice recognition assistant, recorded data being analyzed by Amazon employees. Amazon admitted that it did not fully communicate to users that the recorded data could be used for Alexa training and implemented an optional setting to prevent conversation data collection in August 2019 doing.

The conversation content Alexa heard is recorded and analyzed by Amazon employees-GIGAZINE

According to Bloomberg, Amazon employees in India and Romania are analyzing some footage taken with Cloud Cam. Cloud Cam is a surveillance camera that detects motion and shoots, but for example, raise the accuracy so that AI can distinguish between `` images of intruders at home '' and `` images of domestic cats flying around the sofa '' is needed. To that end, it seems that it is necessary for human Amazon employees to visually determine and tag the video that will be the AI training data set.

When an Amazon spokesperson responded to Bloomberg's interview, the video used for analysis was either voluntarily submitted by a general user, or only the video provided by a test employee That.

When Bloomberg interviewed an Amazon employee who was actually analyzing the video, he testified that there were very few images of where the owners had sex. 'Videos containing such inappropriate content will be destroyed,' Amazon spokesman said, and Cloud Cam video analysis had strict security rules.

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However, the employee told Bloomberg, “There are dozens of reviewers working in India and mobile phones are not allowed, but there were cases where videos were distributed to members other than the team.” .

Bloomberg points out that 'Cloud Cam's user agreement does not clearly indicate that humans are analyzing videos as training for motion detection algorithms.'

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