`` Robot arm that will be an opponent of Othello even if alone '' played over 1.5 million times is amazing

Othello, a globally popular board game developed by Tsukuda Original based on Reversi, cannot be played without two people. However,

rnmT has developed a robot arm that allows one person to play such an Othello and released a movie that actually moves on Twitter. At the time of article creation, the movie has been played over 1.5 million times, and has attracted more than 23,000 likes and more than 74,000 retweets.

You can see how to play the robot arm and Othello developed by rnmT with a single shot.

This is a robot arm developed by rnmT that will be an opponent of Othello. The Othello board is displayed on the connected laptop. The board has been converted to X and Y coordinates in the range of 0-7.

Pressing the button in the corner of the board with nothing on the board ...

The robot arm prepared the initial arrangement for placing two white pieces and two black pieces.

The game started with rnmT on the first black and the robot arm on the white. When rnmT, the first player, places a black piece, turns it over and presses the button ...

A log that tells the scan of the place where the black piece was placed flows on the laptop.

Robot arm picks up white piece ...

The coordinates to be placed are displayed on the notebook PC, and the robot arm places the white piece on the street.

The black piece that is sandwiched will be turned into a white piece if it was originally turned. A command to flip “flip black” is displayed on the laptop, and the robot arm collects the black piece.

When the robot arm returns the collected black piece to hand ...

The white piece was taken out and placed at the position where the black piece was. Instead of turning the pieces upside down, the colors are changed by replacing the pieces.

According to rnmT, the robot arm does not scan the entire board, but scans only the places where the human side can be placed in a rule. In addition, it seems that the presence or absence of the piece is read by the photo reflector (reflective light sensor) at the tip of the arm.

Also, the arm is controlled by Arduino, and the program is written in Python. The notebook PC and Arduino were performing serial communication with a package called pySerial .

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