I tried a new lineup of the Black Thunder series such as `` Morning Black Thunder '' which is perfect for the morning smell of coffee flavor

Yuraku Confectionery's popular chocolate bar “Black Thunder” series will include “

Morning Black Thunder ”, “ Black Thunder Pretty Style Taste Caramel ” and “ Black Thunder Mini Bar Cacao 72% ” from September 23, 2019 . I tried to see what kind of taste the black thunder that is perfect for the morning and the cacao rich black sander in response to rising health demand.

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Red and yellow are used in the “Morning Black Thunder” package, and the words “Morning Charge!” Make it feel like an energy drink.

The morning-only black thunder was born on a social networking site, saying “I eat black thunder instead of breakfast”. Bitter chocolate chips and coffee powder are used to make the black thunder, which has a strong snack impression, perfect for the morning.

Looking at the raw material names, you can see that “coconut”, “coffee powder”, etc. are used together with “quasi-chocolate”, “whole milk powder”, “cocoa powder”, etc.

The calorie per one is 147kcal.

It looks like this when taken out of the bag.

Compared with the standard 26g `` Morning Black Thunder '' (left) and the standard 21g Normal Black Thunder (right), the `` Morning Black Thunder '' seems to be slightly larger and the color is `` Morning Black “Thunder” looks slightly darker. In addition, the normal black sander has a large uneven surface, whereas the “black morning sander” is relatively smooth although it has some uneven surface.

Comparing the cut sections, you can see that `` Morning Black Thunder '' (left) is filled with chocolate while the normal Black Thunder (right) is a cookie-like dough. The

When I actually ate it, it tastes like a moist texture and a sweet chocolate. While regular black thunder has a strong crispy texture, “Morning Black Thunder” has a smooth texture of chocolate. Also, just because the sweetness was modest, it was not unsatisfactory, but the impression was that the scent of coconut and the coffee flavor that spreads slightly are perfect in the morning when sleepiness remains. Compared to the usual black thunder, which has a calorie of 112kcal and carbohydrates of 13.1g, 'Morning Black Thunder' has a calorie of 147kcal and carbohydrates of 14.7g.

“Black Thunder Pretty Style Taste Caramel” is a package with a zipper that is convenient to carry around.

When I checked the raw material names, it contained 'caramel granules', 'caramel paste (from Italy)', 'candy chips', 'almonds' and so on.

The content per bag is 49g and calories are 261kcal.

When I put out the contents, there were 8 bite-sized chocolates.

When you eat it, the sweetness of chocolate and the soft scent of caramel spread in your mouth and you can enjoy a stylish flavor. Also, because of the use of caramel granules and candy chips, the texture was not crispy like a cookie, but crispy like chewing a grain. Almond praline, which is made by processing roasted almonds into paste, is also used, and you can feel the rich fragrance that is not limited to caramel.

“Black Thunder Mini Bar Cacao 72%”, which was developed against the background of growing health demand for sweets, is a chic impression package based on green. There were a total of 14 small bags in the large bag.

The words “Cacao 72%” and “Otona Black Thunder, I started” are printed in gold with a gorgeous atmosphere.

Ordinary black thunder is classified as “quasi-chocolate confectionery”, but “black thunder mini bar cacao 72%” is “chocolate confectionery”. Even in the order listed in the raw material name, “cacao mass” comes first, giving the impression of more authentic chocolate.

The calorie per sachet is 60 kcal because it is a smaller mini bar than usual.

Open the sachet and put “Black Thunder Mini Bar Cocoa 72%” on the plate. The cacao is 72%, so the color is quite black.

Compared to the normal black thunder (right), the color difference is still obvious and the size is slightly smaller.

When you actually eat 'Black Thunder Mini Bar Cacao 72%', the bitterness of chocolate gradually spreads in your mouth, although it contains a cookie and has a crunchy texture. The aftertaste is very different from that of the normal sweet black thunder, which is exactly the same as the “Black Black Thunder”.

“Morning Black Thunder”, “Black Thunder Pretty Style Taste Caramel” and “Black Thunder Mini Bar Cacao 72%” can be purchased at retail stores nationwide from September 23, 2019 (Monday). The reference retail price of “Morning Black Thunder” is 40 yen per tax, the reference retail price of “Black Thunder Pretty Style Taste Caramel” is 120 yen per tax, and the reference retail price of “Black Thunder Mini Cacao 72%” is 300 yen per tax. It is.

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