Steven King's original bloody horror 'In the Tall Glass-Madness Maze-' Trailer released

A trailer of 'In the Tall Glass-Madness Maze- ' that visualizes the horror novel ' In the Tall Glass ' by Steven King and his son Joe Hill has been released. The story that a man and a woman who stepped into the vast grass that is taller than their height, listening to the voice of the boy ’s help, is trapped by the “evil power” that hides in the grass. It has become a content that is said to be .

'In the Tall Glass-Crazy Maze-' Trailer-Netflix-YouTube

The grassland that is projected ...

It spreads everywhere.

A car that stops beside the meadow.

Two men and women who have heard the voice of “Someone help!” Come out of the car.

In the grassland where grass taller than your height grows ...

Men and women who step on foot.

A woman walking through the thick grass.

We should have entered the grass together, but men and women should be separated as soon as possible.

Intuitively saying “something is wrong here”, the woman goes through the grass.

'Something' is attached to the bare feet.

“You should turn back to the car” and “Becky, where are you?”

There suddenly appeared with another man wearing a hat ...


Projected flies and crows.

Five people will not pass through the grass and only time will pass.

'My son got lost here'

'This is crazy'

The number of flies increasing.

I can't escape at night ...

The voice of the child says, 'I can find you' from behind the man who has the head, 'I can't see her again.'

“But it is easier to die once,” a mysterious child appears.

The child asks, “How long are you here?” “I do n’t know”

I wonder if the lost smartphone was finally connected ...

A woman's screams resonate.

'Unknown' characters displayed on the screen.

A flock of crows takes off ...

Meadow at night.

Unexpectedly all the sounds disappear and the swaying grass stops all movement.

A child who disappears as if accustomed to “Shit”.

“Something” appears with the screaming female screams.

There seems to be a secret in the church on the other side of the meadow.

Red smoke covers the sky ...

The door to the basement is opened.

What women have seen ...

'This is just 'grass''

' In the Tall Glass-Crazy Maze- ' will be distributed on Netflix from October 4, 2019 (Friday).

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