Results of `` Xbox's father '' who forgot to reply to the child fan letter reached Xbox 17 years ago in 2019

Reported that Mr. Shamas Blackley, also called `` Father of Xbox '' who was deeply involved in Xbox development from the early days, found a fan letter from a small child received 17 years ago on his Twitter account , 'I want to do something to him who could not do anything at that time!'

Seamus Blackley (@SeamusBlackley) | Twitter

The following tweets started the thing. “I found this letter from an old desk that I used when I was at Microsoft. Don't you know this wonderful Mitchell Riley? And Mitchell, I did n’t reply to this letter until today. I'm sorry, you are a super great artist and I hope you are still drawing. '

The letter that Blackley received from a person named Mitchell Riley is: The first photo is addressed to 'Microsoft's Xbox team, from Mitchell'.

The second photo shows Mitchell's hand-drawn illustration and “I really love your Xbox and play with my friends at home! My favorite game is

Halo: Combat Evolved A message telling me that I'm an Xbox fan, I love Halo !!

In addition, Blackley said, “Mitchell, your dad didn't try to disappoint you, and handed a letter to someone in Microsoft at the meeting, and that person gave me a letter to me. 'I'm the fool that disappointed you at the time. I have some great things for you.'

After that, I'm asking Twitter users to retweet this tweet to find a boy.

In addition, there is another memo about Mitchell, but his father's name is not included, and he tweeted, 'Let's continue looking for Mitchell!'

And four days after the first tweet, Mitchell is shown with Steve Dornes, who is the voice of the master chief in the Halo series, and Jen Taylor, who is the voice of Cortana, along with the sentence `` He was an adult. '' Post your picture.

In addition, “Mitchell seems to be a very nice guy, often talking about games with his father now, and I am really happy to have such a community. Thanks to everyone who gave me a gift to him, but it's a bit too late to be over 17 years old, 'he said and succeeded in giving Mitchell a present over 17 years. is.

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