Soft skin and irritability shines through FGO 'British Revelation Abigail Williams', ZBrush and 3D printer etc.

The works selected for Wonder Festival official label “ Wonder Show Case ”, which celebrates its 20th anniversary at Wonder Festival 2019 [Summer] , are not only works that are particular about detail, but also works that bring out the charm of the character. did.

From WSC # 100 Yuya Amatani , “ Fate / Grand Order ” to “ British Revelation Abigail Williams

The size is 1/7 scale total height 230mm.

Based on the illustrations released at the event '

FGO Fes. 2018-3rd Anniversary-', which commemorates the 3rd anniversary of Fate / GrandOrder's operation, Mr. Atsushi Amatani has a heart at the moment he saw Abigail Williams of British Revelation I was beaten and decided to make a figure.

It is designed to be younger than the original illustration, and the cheek that looks soft is impressive.

The patterns of the stuffed toy 'Yugo' and the jacket are also finely reproduced.

A red pump with a ribbon at the end of the sleek leg.

The prototype of 3D printing was also published.

Atsushi Amatani uses '

Maya ' to decide the rough shape of the figure when making the figure, and ' ZBrush ' to finish the details.

It seems that he has been bothered a lot by 'how to express the part that is not drawn in the

original illustration ', but he completed the work with a feeling of 'the best thing that can be done now'.

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