The flamethrower which can be attached to a drone appears, and it is expected to beehive extermination and snow plow

In recent years, drones, which have spread rapidly, are widely used not only for shooting and

delivery services, but also for carrying out unseen ecosystem surveys and transporting organs for transplantation . Meanwhile, the extension parts that can be loaded with a true flamethrower appeared in the drone. A movie that is actually firing is also available.

The flamethrower drone will soon be a thing you can buy-The Verge

Turn your drone into a flying flamethrower / Boing Boing

I am attaching the extension part 'Throwflame TF-19 Wasp' to be a flamethrower to the DJI S1000 .

It is easy to use, and once the arms supporting the propeller are extended and fixed ...

Pour fuel into the fuel tank. The capacity of the tank is 1 gallon (about 3.8 liters), and it is capable of emitting flames for a total of 100 seconds.

After that, set the tank at the lower part of the machine ......

I just skip it.

It's like this when I actually shoot the flame. The range of flame radiation is 25 feet (about 7.62 m).

While flying, the controller camera displays the image of the aircraft camera.

The intended use is, as the name wasp, meaning hornets etc., is the

extinct bee etc.

This is a picture of actually burning the honeycomb.

The aim is quite accurate, as the fuel injection nozzle looks like an aim.

Other uses are field burning for agriculture ...

It is assumed that melting work of ice and snow.

In addition, the economic newspaper Wall Street Journal reports that power supplies in China have been used to remove waste that has been caught in electric wires for unusual applications.

Flame-Throwing Drone Removes Net Entangled in China Power Line-YouTube

Something like cloth is caught on the wire ...

When the drone emitted a fire, the parts entwined in the electric wire were burned and the trash fell.

It looks like the wires are safe.


official part of Throwflame's official site , which developed 'Throwflame TF-19 Wasp', actually sells extended parts, and the price is $ 1,499 (approximately 160,000 yen). It was also possible to ship to Japan, and the shipping cost was $ 279.29 (approximately 30,000 yen).

However, it is necessary to pay attention because the act of burning things outdoors is basically prohibited by the Law on Waste Disposal and Cleaning . In addition, even the use of the legal range can lead to serious fires and injuries. In the past, there were also cases where a man who used a handmade flamethrower unauthorizedly sent documents.

Suspected use of homemade flamethrowers Sustaining a 20-year-old man as a document, video on the net-Sankei News

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