Fire occurred at animation production company 'Kyoto Animation' known for 'K-ON!' And 'Haruhi'

A fire occurred at the first studio of the animation production company ' Kyoto Animation ' in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City, and there were multiple injuries.

A lot of fire injuries at an animation company or 'gasoline burn' Kyoto | NHK News

Explosion at the Kyoto Ani studio Many injured people Men gasped-Mainichi Shimbun

Fire at the anime studio in Kyoto City Injured multiple fire information | NHK NEWS WEB

Kyoto Animation is an animation production company known for numerous works such as 'The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya', 'K-on!', 'Sound! Euphonium' and 'Free!'. In addition to the headquarters in Uji City, we have several studios in Uji and Fushimi.

This time, the fire occurred at the first studio in Inaba, Momoyama-cho, Fushimi-ku. According to the fire department and the police, it was past 10:30 on July 18 when a man came in on the first floor and squirted a liquid like gasoline. In addition to multiple injuries, a man who has been fired has also been injured and transported to the hospital, and police have been asking for suspicion of an arson.

The area around the studio is a residential area. At a nearby housing exhibition, there is evidence that an explosion was heard when a fire occurred.

In the NHK film, a flame was still visible in the building around 11:30, one hour after the fire occurred.

In a follow-up, more than 30 people are injured, about 10 of them reportedly reported as unconscious.

・ 2019/07/18 12:28
Several people have been confirmed dead.

Police 'confirm the death of multiple people' fire at animation company | NHK News

Kyoto Ani Studio Fire, Multiple Cardiorespiratory Injuries 40 Injured Man with Liquid: Kyoto Shimbun

Fire at an animation production company in Kyoto-YouTube

・ 2019/07/18 13: 54
According to the Kyoto Shimbun, employees and 37 men and women were seriously injured, 1 died and about 20 people were not confirmed.

Kyoto Animation Studio Fire, Multiple Death, Secure Arson or Man: Kyoto Shimbun

・ 2019/07/18 14:07
About 10 people were found lying on the second floor of the studio.

Studio fire, 10 people dead?

・ 2019/07/18 15:04
At the time of the fire, about 70 people were in the building on site. Among them, 10 were seriously injured, 6 were moderately injured, 20 were slightly injured, one was confirmed to have cardiopulmonary arrest, and that about 10 could be contacted. .

The police have announced that the man who has been secured is neither an employee nor a former employee.

・ 2019/07/18 15:45
The fire was suppressed at around 15:20.

Squeeze Studio Fire in Kyoto |

・ 2019/07/18 16:16
The Fire Department's Prevention Division announcement at 15:00 is as follows.

Explosion fire that occurred in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture (second report)

・ 2019/07/18 17:04

・ 2019/07/18 17:49
The number of deaths confirmed was a total of 16 people.

16 dead confirmed in studio fires |

In addition, it was seven deaths, 17 cardiopulmonary arrests, ten severe, six moderate disease, mildness 20 people at the announcement by the Fire Department at 17:15.

Explosion fire that occurred in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture (3rd report)
(PDF file)

・ 2019/07/18 18: 21
Hideaki Hatta, president of Kyoto Animation, has revealed that a number of 'protest' emails have been sent to the company so far. Some said that 'Death' was written.

'The murder notice has arrived' company president arson at animation company | NHK News

・ 2019/07/18 19: 01
State at the time of fire occurrence

Kyoto Animation Building that raises smoke Kyoto, Fushimi-ku-YouTube

At a gas station near the site, a man who bought 40 liters of gasoline, put it in carrying cans and carried it by hand carts has been confirmed, and investigations are being conducted regarding the relationship with the fire.

A man buys 40 liters of gasoline near the scene Police investigates association | NHK News

・ 2019/07/18 20:16
In the 4th report of the fire by the Fire Department announced at 19:45, human damage is 60 people (20 people dead, 4 people with cardiopulmonary arrest, 10 severe, 6 moderate, and 20 mild) .

Explosion fire that occurred in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture (4th report)

After that, the Kyoto Prefectural Police confirmed four more deaths, bringing the total to 25 deaths.

Kyoto Arson, death 25 people cardiopulmonary arrest also 41-year-old man shouts 'I die'? Joint communication

・ 2019/07/18 21:08
As of 21:00, the safety of around 5 people is unknown.

Studio fire, around 5 people are unsure | Joint communication

・ 2019/07/18 22:22
Kyoto City firefighting confirmed the death of a total of 33 men, 12 males, 20 females, 1 female of unknown gender. There are no other people left behind.

33 deaths confirmed, worst since Heisei Kyoto animation fire: Kyoto Shimbun

After that, one person died at the hospital, and the number of deaths was 34.

・ 2019/07/21
The announcement was announced by Kyoto Animation.

About the incident that occurred on July 18-What's new | Kyoto Animation Website

Aims for animation, young people gathered from all over the country, it is a pity that our employees who have worked together for many years have closed the future in such a form, it is disappointing to say in words. It was really good and wonderful friends. It's a huge pain for us and for the industry.

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