'FaceApp', which can age and smile face photos, stores user's face photos on the server

' FaceApp ' is an app that can process facial photos using AI and make them age, rejuvenate or laugh at expressive faces, but they have security concerns that 'the user's facial photos are stored on the server' Is pointed out.

Is viral FaceApp stealing your photos? Not all of them

FaceApp is back and so are privacy concerns-The Verge

With the trend of Instagram and so on, many people are uploading their self-portrait on the internet, and among them, the photo processing applications such as SNOW are also becoming popular. FaceApp is one of the photo processing apps that is equally popular around the world.

Using FaceApp, for example, rejuvenate Tim Cook , Apple.

It is possible to age your photos.

While many people are attracted to FaceApp, they are asked for permission to access photos when they start using FaceApp, so 'FaceApp accesses the user's photo library and steals all photos. There was also a rumor that they Therefore, Will Strafach, a developer of Guardian Firewall, an application that protects iOS devices, and conducting security research on the iPhone, analyzes network traffic when using FaceApp, and actually does something like that. I checked that was happening.

Strafach said, 'I tried to reproduce the story of people saying 'FaceApp uploads all camera roll photos to a remote server', but no such activity has been seen.' comment. Denied the rumor that FaceApp is accessing the photo library and stealing all photos.

However, the photos that the user chooses to edit in FaceApp are actually uploaded to the FaceApp server, and processing is done on the server, not within the device. It is theoretically possible to perform processing on the device side, but Yaroslav Goncharov, former CEO of the Russian company Wireless Lab that developed FaceApp, performs server-side processing to save bandwidth. And explain. It says that the photos stored on the server are deleted after a certain period of time.

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Strafach points out that FaceApp does not clearly explain to users that face photos will be uploaded to the server. Even though it is not uncommon for many other apps not to reveal the detailed operation process to the user, if the user knew that 'the face app will be uploaded to the server when using FaceApp', it was reluctant to use it I said that there is a possibility.

In addition, photos with companies for commercial purposes in the privacy policy of FaceApp, name, user name, are also described to be able to use the favorite, Elizabeth Weinstein's lawyer in this privacy policy, ' EU general data protection rules (GDPR ) are in violation of the 'and he pointed out . While the news site The Verge explains that FaceApp will not sell user data to third parties, it does give a good idea of how your data is handled when using unknown apps It warns users that they should think.

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