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The Movie PSYCHO-PASS psychopaths Sinners of the System ,' ' Bahamut GENESIS of Kami撃 has been in charge of the CG, such as' Sugai Shinya original short CG animation is the directorial debut of his ' Walking Meat ' is July 19, 2019 From (Fri) to Cine ・ Libre Ikebukuro and others will be released gradually nationwide.

In commemoration of the completion of this work, on the 24th of June (Mon.) Director Sukai at Cine and Libre Ikebukuro, cast by Uchida Shingo, Ochiai Fukusuke and Tsuda Minami's stage announcement on the stage. Was decided to be implemented. Tickets will be pre-reserved at 11:00 on Friday, June 14 with Ticket Pia, and general sales will begin at 10:00 on Tuesday, 18 June.

The PV of the work looks like this.

'Walking Meat' PV (90 sec ver.)-YouTube

Subremation who is in charge of production is such a company.

I received a detailed explanation of Cosmo Tiger's version K that appears in 'Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love' in a studio tour of CG production company Subremation-GIGAZINE

By the way, such an article was published on the same day in the past on the same day.

LSD and Magic Mushroom cure brain damage in depressed patients-GIGAZINE

Announces a robot 'BionicFinWave' that freely moves in water by moving the fins of the whole body-GIGAZINE

It turns out that the yellow color of Gogh's masterpiece 'Himawari' will fade under light-GIGAZINE

Are sunscreens effective even if bought a few years ago? -GIGAZINE

'A proper amount of alcohol' will accelerate the decline in cognitive function of the brain-GIGAZINE

Is 'all the way to Rome' true? It becomes like this when the former major road is mapped-GIGAZINE

'The Eighth Wonder of the World' Pink Terrace & White Terrace, which should have been lost in volcanic eruptions, may remain buried in volcanic ash-GIGAZINE

The largest waterfall ever existed-twice as high and three times wider than Niagara Falls-GIGAZINE

A powerful enemy who stood in Haichu that showed signs of spreading to the world-GIGAZINE

GIZMODO and Lifehacker's former Gawker bankrupt in the sex video issue of Hulk Hogan-GIGAZINE

The number of Americans killed by guns in 12 years is higher than the total number of deaths from AIDS, war and illegal drugs-GIGAZINE

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The food scene of the cat who learned 'Open the lid of the feeder and eat it prey www'-Togetter

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Hong Kong young people and police clash 70 people accused of top government 'riot' | NHK News

Under the circumstances, the Hong Kong government's top executive secretary Roh Rong Moon announced a video message urgently on the night of the 12th, and among the protests against the youth, 'It was not a peaceful rally but an organized rebellion It is clear and strongly criticized. '

Hong Kong citizens headed for the 'last battle', police suppressed with 'shotgun' WEDGE Infinity (wedge)

Police force out forced young people in Hong Kong protesters Injury to both sides | NHK News

At one time, some threw umbrellas, iron fences, etc. to police officers, and at one time, they ran into the site of the legislative assembly, and on other roads, clashes between the young people and the police occurred sporadically.

On the evening of the 12th, police embarked on the forced removal of young people who occupy the road using rubber bullets and tear gas, etc., and there were multiple injuries on both sides.

Hong Kong police top director Wei Wei said interviewed as early as 5 pm Japan time, 'some participants hold sharp iron bars, etc. Strongly criticize dangerous acts that compromise public safety.' And called on citizens to stay close to the legislature.

On the other hand, the plenary session of the legislative body scheduled for the 12th to discuss the proposed amendments to the regulations has not been held.

So far, it is unclear how deliberation will proceed, and in the future, it is possible for young people to further escalate protests in an effort to prevent deliberation.

[Commentary] Why have a demo in Hong Kong? Background You Should Know-BBC News

Decrease in sales of magazines → Distribution of books that had been “delivered in addition” is a pinch: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Bullying for girls and girls over a year and a half with broken bones School seriously out of order | NHK News

It turned out that a girl child was bullied for about one and a half years from other children at an elementary school in Suita City, Osaka, and had serious damage such as a broken leg. Third-party committees of the surveyed city have severely criticized the response, saying that schools and the Board of Education did not seriously deal with the complaints of children and parents.

One and a half years from a year and a half from 2015 at elementary school in Suita city, children from lower elementary school are bullied by multiple children, left rib distal end split fracture, PTSD, third-party committee survey report of weak-sighted cases I read-Toshio Tohya's Zen diary

Retirement 20 million yen Nisshosha Debate on pension system rather than dimension of asset management | NHK News

Regarding the report of the FSA council's report that 'about 20 million yen will be needed' for asset formation in retirement, Mr. Mimura of the Japan Chamber of Commerce held a regular meeting on the 12th, and this problem He showed the idea that the pension system should be discussed across the government, not the dimension.

The couple's retirement fund '20 million yen is necessary' The grounds presented by the Ministry of Health and Welfare Mr. Aso's explanation and contradiction-Mainichi Shimbun

News Up Disliked report-I read '20 million yen after retirement' | NHK News

20% reduction in radius of forecast circle due to improved accuracy of typhoon track forecast | NHK News

Renewable energy fixed price purchase system to end | NHK News

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry 'The 2nd attack loaded with Japanese relations near the Strait of Holmes' | NHK News

'There is no intention of manufacturing and possessing nuclear weapons,' said Mr. Hamenei Prime Minister Abe | NHK News

If you point out the sexual harassment of the president Bibe 'Ryukakusan' uprising, the woman's sister who complained had also been relegated |

'There are a lot of Prius accidents, but are you all right?' The question of shareholders is the Toyota General Meeting of Shareholders (1/2 page)-Sankei News

Mr. Yoshida said, 'I am sorry for making you aware of the Prius accident and worrying about it. Toyota's goal is zero casualties, but it is halfway. First of all, they are evaluated on strict criteria and put out to the world. 'We are favored by a large number of customers, especially in the elderly,' said the Prius accident was noticeable because it continued to sell well and that many cars were being used. . Mr. Yoshida also emphasized the policy of expanding the number of models that can be retrofitted to the anti-toggle system to 12 models by the end of the year, and said, 'We will do everything we can for a safe car society.'

Mr. Shinjiro, 'don't tabu out pensions. Talk in the upper house election': Asahi Shimbun Digital

After hearing the bicycle height 2 and the girl clash 'OK?', I fled after hearing: Domestic: Yomiuri Shimbun Online

International organization, timely? Report on Japanese Retirement Reserves: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Two children injured in a car in a row of nursery school children Hyogo Nishinomiya | NHK News

On the morning of 13th, in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, a car plunged into a row of nursery school children who were walking on the sidewalk, and two children were injured. The police arrested a 69-year-old woman who was driving for suspicion of a negligent driving injury and investigated the detailed situation.

North Korea 'Setori' US, the Security Council sanctions sanctions notification and 26 UN name demand to stop exports-Sankei News

Ikebukuro dead traffic accident 88-year-old former Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications executive witnesses the field | NHK News

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I can not write kanji | Feature Articles | NHK Political Magazine

Last year's mountain distress hit a record high of 3129 people over 60s majority | NHK News

Teru Mikurabu incident story-Tuberculin injection in everyday ..

This world's assistant is 99.9% free. There are almost no assistants employed by the travel agency. An attendant training and dispatching company exists in this world, and is dispatched from there to tours of various travel companies. It is often the case that the attendant who took the tour of Company A takes the tour of Company B the next day. In fact, I have been dispatched to 5 to 6 tour companies and are taking a ride.

The reason I'm talking about this is because I have had the experience of taking a tour of the “Teru Mikurubu” that existed before. To put it another way, it is a party among the parties who left Japan as an assistant on the tour of tel mikurabu the day before tel mikurabu bankruptcy (∩ '∀ `) ∩. I would like to talk within the scope of the story at that time.

CNN.co.jp: Submarine theme park sunk with retired Jumbo to open in August, Bahrain

Want to work part-time job of 'students seeking male students' to a liquor store, or female discrimination? -Lawyer dot com

―― Are there any industries that can be recruited with limited gender?

'A concrete example is described in the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. For example, it is safe for security companies to recruit only for men from the request for crime prevention.

The following is the second 14 (No. 614 of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare No. 614 of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare No. 614) of 'Guidelines for the employer to appropriately deal with matters concerning provisions regarding prohibition of discrimination based on gender for workers.' Quote from 2).

Workers engaged in the types of work listed below

Duties that it is necessary to engage in only one of men and women from request such as the credibility of expression in the field of 1 art, entertainment

Of duties that it is necessary to let men engage from request on crime prevention out of 2 guards, security

3 Other than those listed in 1 and 2 above, duties deemed to have the same degree of need to be engaged only in men and women on the nature of other duties in religion, etiquette, nature of competition in sports

B. Women can not be made to work according to the provisions of Article 61 (1), Article 2 of 64 or Article 3 of the Labor Standards Act, or men are made to work according to the provisions of Article 3 of the Public Health Nurses Midwife Nurse Act If it is deemed difficult to give equal opportunities or equal treatment regardless of the gender of the worker to carry out the normal work because it is impossible to

When there is a need to work abroad where either men or women have difficulty achieving their abilities due to differences in customs, customs, etc. Give equal opportunities or treat equally regardless of the gender of workers due to other special circumstances When it is recognized that it is difficult

Withdrawal 18 years, left old parents leaving 'consultation to the city office' leaving a note | [West Japan Newspaper News]

A story in which Professor Musashino Art University Shiroishi answered simple questions about color | Sugiura Tomoko / Fenrir Inc. | note

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What did defendant defense lawyer and Mr. Hiroki Takagi fight, and how should engineers fight if arrested by the police (Coinhive case commentary first part) (1/3): The right must be kept by the people's constant effort Don'[email protected] IT

Hakuba-mura to commercialize delivery by drone Fresh food in a mountain hut | Shinano Mainichi Shimbun [Shinobu web]

Delivery by drone assumes fresh food such as vegetables. Heliport (about 1200 meters above sea level) of Sarukura will deliver luggage of up to 10 kilometers to the village top lodgings and Hakuba Sanso with a difference of about 1500 meters from the departure point. In addition to delivery, we plan to use the video shooting to help prevent disasters, etc., mountain trails, and patrols of harmful birds and animals on a trial basis. The Village Tourism Division of the secretariat of the council said, 'I want to build safety measures as well.'

The story of using IoT to visualize restaurant vacancies-Yahoo! JAPAN Tech Blog

Is the influence of smartphones on the strabismus of young people to long-term survey implementation |

Draw a route map with Excel-Where is the cat

How to write an engineer's resume-Qiita

Check the web and application freelance barriers and limit lines again-A blog that secretly writes what you noticed in the IT industry

Google Developers Japan: Android Brings Wide-Colored Photos: What You Need To Know

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October 9 (Wed) release 'White snake Den Blu-ray BOX' Digital remaster verification video-YouTube

Painful News (No∀`): [Anime] Kemono Friends 2, the death of 458 Blu-ray sales-Live Door Blog

Nintendo Switch 'Doraemon Nobita's Ranch Story' System Introduction Video-Various Ranch Life Edition-YouTube

Original movie 'Gundam JRA-BEYOND THE TURF-' F. F. Seiei ver. (CV: Mamoru Miyano) 60sec-YouTube

Animator Variation of turn and turn paintings by Masaaki Iwane-Togetter

Nintendo 'Switch' to transfer part of production from China to Southeast Asia-WSJ

Episode 96 In the sauna | Fate / Grand Order

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Naoki Momota shows his intention on Twitter with the novelist 'Retirement Declaration'-Mainichi Shimbun

'Idiot' is not enough in Japan now-'The yellow person of the point of a laugh,' the foolish way that Ikuhisa Hayashiya pierces-Yahoo! News

Tokyo Giants Prosecutors Office set up as a former giant pitcher's securities company executive: Nonji Cool Stadium @ What J Summary

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Chinese-themed stimulus and soothing bread 'Groom tofu pan' 'Mango tofu pan' 'Mango taste' Sesame seed tofu steamed cake 'Summer limited edition released from July 1st, 2019 | Pasco | Super ripe Pasco | Corporation

Chocolate mint sweets perfect for summer! 'Chocolate Mint Pancake 2 pieces' released on July 1, 2019 | Pasco | Super ripe Pasco |

Spicy Salad Chicken is on sale from Wednesday, July 3 for a limited time! │ What's New on Subway │ Press Release │ Delicious! Let's get rid of it. Vegetable Subway Official Site

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