It turns out that the evaluation of chocolate is influenced by something other than 'taste'


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Of course what is important when eating chocolate is 'taste,' but research has shown that 'how the taste is felt with the tongue' is actually influenced by the package. It is a different question how the consumer receives sensory factors such as flavor, smell and texture and external factors such as package material and brand, but if the taste and the package do not match, the final taste evaluation will also be It seems to go down.

Effects of packaging design on sensory liking and willingness to purchase: A study using novel chocolate packaging | Heliyon

Scientists May Have Found Why We Love Fancy Chocolate So Much, And It's Not The Taste

A research team at the University of Melbourne, Australia, asked 75 volunteers aged 25 to 55 to sample chocolate without a package, to have a chocolate package without a sample, and to sample while looking at a package. To evaluate the taste of chocolate in three ways: to test how human perception is influenced by external factors.

The chocolates to be tasted in the experiment were all the same, but there were differences in the package, and different concepts such as 'strong', 'fun', 'daily', 'special', 'healthy' and 'premium' were used . After tasting, the subjects were asked, 'What taste did they taste?', 'How did you feel?' And 'Do you feel like buying the chocolate from now on?'


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As a result, it was found that the subject underrated the taste of the chocolate when the package and the taste of the chocolate did not match. In other words, they tended to prefer the taste of chocolate when the 'expected taste' from the package matched the actual taste of chocolate.

Also, when the subjects were instructed to choose an emotion-based language after tasting, it was said that they chose a more emotional language when they saw and taste the package than when they tasted without looking at anything. . In addition, when you sample packages that use positive words such as “happiness”, “health”, “fun”, and “brightness”, there is a positive relationship between “like package” and “like chocolate”. I understood that I was born.

Researchers have shown that the positive emotions inspired by the package have a direct effect on 'tolerance for chocolate.'

Previous studies have shown that 'feeling' and 'package' determine food choices. Although it was shown that 'taste of chocolate' has the greatest influence on 'whether to buy the chocolate from now on' in this research, but 'how does the product look like?' There must be one. 'About 60% of the consumer's first decision is determined by the package at the store,' said Sigfredo Fuentes, one of the researchers.

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'In conclusion, our findings are crucial to product design and the development of intrinsic and extrinsic features that increase emotional attachment to products,' says Fuentes.

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