Google's latest smartphone 'Pixel 3a' 'Pixel 3a XL' compared the size and specifications of what is different from Pixel 3 other than price

' Pixel 3a ' and ' Pixel 3a XL ' were released on Friday, May 17th, 2019, as a low-priced version of the flagship model

Google Pixel 3 , a Google- developed smartphone. What kind of difference is added to Pixel 3a / 3a XL, which succeeded in keeping the amount of money close to half of Pixel 3 by omitting various functions, compared with Pixel 3 and iPhone XS Max , focusing on its size and shape I tried.

Pixel 3a & Pixel 3a XL-Vivid Camera-Google Store

The left is Pixel 3a and the right is Pixel 3a XL.

When aligned with Pixel 3 (left) of 145.6 mm × 68.2 mm. The 151.3 mm × 70.1 mm Pixel 3a (center) is slightly larger than the Pixel 3. The size of the Pixel 3a XL (right) is 160.1 mm x 76.1 mm.

The thickness is 7.9 mm for Pixel 3, 7.6 mm for Pixel 3a, and 8.2 mm for Pixel 3a XL. The lens of the camera has jumped out of the body for both Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a / 3a XL, and it is the impression that 3a / 3a XL has the lens slightly higher.

From the top, when I saw the top surface side by side in the order of Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL. The 3.5 mm audio terminal connector (earphone jack), which was excluded from Pixel 3, is installed in Pixel 3a / 3a XL.

On the bottom, like the Pixel 3, the Pixel 3a / 3a XL also has a USB Type-C connector. However, there is a SIM card slot on the bottom of Pixel 3 but stereo speakers are arranged on the left and right sides of the USB Type-C connector on Pixel 3a / 3a XL.

The SIM card slot on the bottom of Pixel 3 was moved to the left side on Pixel 3a / 3a XL.

The presence of the power button and the volume button on the right side did not change, and the distance and size of the power button and the volume button did not change either. There is no particular change in comfort.

The weight of the Pixel 3a is 145 g actually measured.

The weight of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a is almost the same, as it was 148g when weighing Pixel 3 as well.

The weight of the Pixel 3a XL was actually 165g.

Pixel 3 uses Corning Gorilla Glass 5 soft touch glass on the back of an aluminum frame. It was characterized that a part was matted like frosted glass. In the Pixel 3a / Pixel 3a XL, the matte processing on the back is still the same, but the material has been changed to polycarbonate. The material is completely different, but there is almost no difference in the feeling of touch, and the level can not be understood unless said.

By changing from aluminum frame + glass Pixel 3 to polycarbonate, the back side seams are gone. Therefore, the feel when holding Pixel 3a / 3a XL is a little smooth impression.

You can see that the rear camera is the sensor between the lens and the flash, which is omitted in the Pixel 3a / 3a XL. You can also see that the fingerprint recognition sensor is also offset slightly below the lens.

Displayed and arranged displays of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a. The size of the OLED display was 5.5 inches at Pixel 3, but expanded slightly to 5.6 inches at Pixel 3a.

The upper bezel is almost the same size. If you look closely, Pixel 3 has two front camera lenses, but Pixel 3a has been reduced to one.

The lower bezel was a little wider for Pixel 3a than for Pixel 3.

After setting the brightness level of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a to 100% and setting the color to natural and displaying the door picture of '

Magical Book Exchange Diary Episode 2' 'The Flame of Revenge' ' . The appearance is almost the same, and I can not tell the difference if it is a photo, but when I compare it, I felt that the color of Pixel 3 was sharper.

Next, I tried to arrange the Pixel 3a of 158.0 mm x 76.7 mm x 7.9 mm and the iPhone XS Max of 157.5 mm x 77.4 mm x 7.7 mm. The size is almost the same, and even if you try holding it in your hand, it does not change in size that is difficult to operate with one hand.

The weight of the iPhone XS Max is measured at 207 g. The heavier the smartphone, the longer it will be tired if held for a long time, so the lighter 165g, the Pixel 3a XL, is clearly easier to handle than the iPhone XS Max, even though it is actually being operated by the hand .

I tried to display the top page of GIGAZINE. The iPhone XS Max with a 6.5-inch OLED display also has a notched notch and looks larger than the Pixel 3a XL with a 6.0-inch OLED display. Actually, when I open the top page of GIGAZINE, I feel that the amount of information displayed on the display is slightly larger with iPhone XS Max as follows.

100% brightness level · Pixel 3a XL with adaptive setting and 100% brightness level · iPhone XS Max with True Tone function off, the following is the display of the door picture of 'The Magic Diary Exchange Diary Episode 2 The Flame of Revenge' . The screen resolution of the iPhone XS Max with a screen resolution of 458ppi is slightly smoother than that of the Pixel 3a XL with a screen resolution of 402ppi, but the display of the Pixel 3a XL shows clearer background blue I received such an impression.

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